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Phone unlocking sees sharp increase in popularity following ban in January

When the US Library of Congress ruled to make the unlocking of smartphones illegal, its motive was (obviously) to discourage the practice. But it seems that since the ban on the practice was put into effect in January, at least one phone unlocking service has actually seen a rather drastic increas...

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Apple overtakes Samsung as top US mobile phone vendor

Strategy Analytics' latest mobile phone report is out, and Apple's iPhone is the winner here in the US, taking the top spot for the first time in its history. Apple displaced Samsung, which has held the title as America's most popular mobile phone brand since 2008. According to Strategy Analy...

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Would you check your iPhone at the door of a restaurant for a discount?

Ever have a date look at you sideways because you can't refrain from Instagramming your meal? If you need some persuasion to kick the distracted dining habit, then you may want to visit Eva Restaurant in Los Angeles, California. Owner Mark Gold is running an interesting promotion that'll give y...

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iPhone is top-selling cellphone in Japan

A report in the Mainichi Daily News suggests the iPhone 4S is the top-selling mobile phone in Japan. The iPhone 4S is reportedly beating out handsets from local favorites like Fujitsu-Toshiba, Sharp and Panasonic. According to IDC Japan estimates, the iPhone grabbed 26.6 percent of all mobile phon...

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Gartner reports Apple top among smartphone vendors

Gartner released its quarterly and yearly mobile phone sales estimates and, not surprisingly, Apple was the leader in the smartphone market. Apple sold 37 million iPhones in the quarter and became the world's top smartphone vendor with 23.8 percent market share. Worldwide smartphone sales climbed t...

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Apple becomes world's third largest mobile phone manufacturer

In just five short years, Apple has become the third largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world. International Data Corporation (IDC), as part of the continuing Worldwide Mobile Phone Tracker survey, noted that the overall mobile phone market is still growing despite a major decline in numbers...

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6.5 million downloads for Angry Birds on Christmas Day

Rovio says that it saw a whopping 6.5 million downloads of Angry Birds this past Christmas Day, which is just phenomenal, even for this overwhelmingly popular game. That number is very close to the number of iOS and Android devices activated overall, which means that most people who got an iPho...

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Phone Arts shows off original works created only with iOS

This is one of the more interesting art projects revolving around Apple's touch devices -- Phone Arts is a series of works that highlights pieces made specifically with the iPhone or the iPod touch. We've seen art made with iOS apps and devices before, but this is a little different. Rather tha...

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Samsung withholds mobile phone sales data due to Apple legal battle

Samsung reported its quarterly earnings today and, for the first time, the Korean manufacturer did not report its mobile phone sales. Samsung withheld this information because the company has a new information policy that discloses less information about its mobile phones and tablets. Samsung...

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Misuse of labels: On the definitions of "mobile" and "computer"

In the world of corporate communications, a big part of delivering a message involves defining the terms of the discussion. Over the past few weeks, both Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg have been caught up in this action while discussing the mobile space. During the most re...

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iPhone apps make up 21% of Gameloft sales in 1Q

Gameloft's emphasis on iThings seems to be paying off. The French developer, one of the world's biggest publishers of games for mobiles, says iPhone apps accounted for 21% of its sales in the first quarter of 2010. That's a decent percentage considering that, for all of 2009, iPhone games only repre...

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Voice on the Go makes your cellphone safer in the car

Voice on the Go has been out for quite a long time, and I'm surprised we never reviewed it. Imagine getting your emails and texts read to you while you drive, and creating and sending emails and texts while never touching your cellphone. Recently a friend suggested I give it a try, so I did and foun...

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Salling Clicker v3.5 brings new Front Row controls, device support and much more

One of the major things I miss about switching away from a Windows Mobile or even Sony Ericsson mobile phone is Salling Clicker - just about the best darn software I've ever seen for controlling your Mac with a mobile phone or PDA. Clicker offers a wide array of customizable controls with which you ...

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Nova Media Address Book plugin for Nokia, Sony Ericsson phones

German-based Nova Media landed on our radar last year with their iSync plugin that supports more phones than Mac OS X's default set. Not content with mere syncing, however, the company also makes an Address Book plugin, recently updated with more supported models, that allows phones from Nokia and S...

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