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On doubting the iPhone and making the wrong comparisons

John Gruber already pointed out some flaws of The Register's Lance Davis who doubts the iPhone, but I have an even bigger problem with the line of thinking Davis used in his analysis. He writes: Remember, the mobile industry is one where some of the biggest companies in the world have tried and...

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Why you won't be buying an iPhone-like iPod anytime soon

Since the iPhone's introduction in January, the requests and baiting rumors for a touch-screen iPod that looks and acts like an iPhone - sans the actual phone - have sounded from every corner of the web. The world is inarguably intrigued by this new UI Apple developed for their highly anticipated...

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iPod owners want iPhones

In a completely unsurprising survey, employed adult mobile-phone users who already own iPods are the most likely demographic to consider purchasing an iPhone. Cellular News reports that 20% of those adults surveyed would consider purchasing an iPhone. That number rose to nearly 50% when iPod owners...

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Salling Clicker v3.5 brings new Front Row controls, device support and much more

One of the major things I miss about switching away from a Windows Mobile or even Sony Ericsson mobile phone is Salling Clicker - just about the best darn software I've ever seen for controlling your Mac with a mobile phone or PDA. Clicker offers a wide array of customizable controls with which you...

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