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iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus? That is the question. Here's an answer.

Remember those days when we were all trying to get the smallest possible cell phone? If you don't, you're probably young. That all went out the window with the introduction of the iPhone and its competitors, since fairly quickly we started seeing a trend towards larger screens. Now Apple has kept ...

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iPhone 4 Photoshop file available for app development

Developers -- are you in need of a really high resolution mockup of the iPhone 4/4S Retina display GUI elements to help the design of your app? Geoff Teehan and his team created a Photoshop file (.PSD) to help you mock up those apps. According to Teehan, "The file is huge, both in file size...

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New iOS multitasking concept video

Apple fan Marcos Antonio de Lima Filho has mocked up a concept video demonstrating alternate multitasking-behavior for iOS devices. Instead of the single row of recently-accessed apps, Marcos' video shows two rows of app icons, top and bottom, with a pane of "workspaces" between them. Users...

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LucidChart web app brings diagramming prowess, collaboration to Mac and iPad

At one point in my career, I trained business analysts in the tools and techniques of their trade. One feature of business analysis methodologies is that they use a lot of diagrams to visually represent use cases, process flows, and relationships. During those classes I talked a lot about creat...

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Prototypes makes iPhone mockups a breeze

This is a cool one, at least for iPhone app designers. Prototypes is a Mac app that lets you take those handcrafted mockups of iPhone screens and turn them into a clickable demo you can share with any iPhone or iPod touch user. Prototypes takes just about any image format, including straight ...

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Supposed iPad 2 photos from China

Yesterday, the Chinese website DGtle posted photos of what they claim to be the next-generation of iPad [original Chinese post]. The photos look reasonably legitimate and depict dual cameras, larger speakers, and a thinner, more rounded design reminiscent of the latest iPod touch. Notably missi...

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Followup: Some mockups of a 4-inch iPhone screen

After reading about the math behind a 4-inch iPhone screen, readers said the comparisons between different screen aspect ratios would be a lot more helpful with additional mockups aside from the 16:9-screened iPhone we put up. After hacking and slashing my way through a photo editor, I've created a...

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First look: SketchyPad mockup tool for web and app designers

Part of my work involves making mockups of websites for clients, and up until this point the easiest way to do that was just to hand draw some sketches, scan them, send them to the client for rework, etc... Now there's a new iPad app from developer Nick Golovin that promises to make the creation of ...

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Low-tech testing on a high-tech iPad

Here's a little levity on the eve of the iPad launch chaos tomorrow. We're going through release after release today of all of these iPad apps, and after browsing page after page after page in the App Store, it's sometimes easy to forget just how much work went into each one of these things. The Om...

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Macworld 2010: iPad mockup hands-on

The other day at Macworld Expo 2010, we did a quick interview with Tim Hickman, CEO of Hard Candy Cases. During that interview, in which they showed off an already-made iPad case, I asked him how they knew what the iPad would be like. He said that they had heavily researched the dimensions, inclu...

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Dear Apple: What we want to see in iPhone 4.0, part 2

While the next iPhone is expected sooner this year than in past years, and the hardware design has most likely long since been finalized, it's clear that plenty of you have your own ideas of how you want the next-generation iPhone to look and work. With that in mind, even though the next iPhone's ha...

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Video: another Apple tablet fantasy

French site has published some very cool video of what appears to be a multitouch tablet device. The user is browsing through an electronic version of an Ikea catalog. The device itself is very slim and seems to incorporate a multitude of Apple technologies: cover flow, shake to shu...

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Friday fakes: The best of the bogus

TUAW presents to you the best of the obviously fake device shots we've seen in the last couple of weeks. On occasion they're beautiful renderings that are worth a second glance, other times they're out of focus shots that tipsters swear were taken quickly at a meeting on the Apple campus. In any cas...

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Free library of iPhone UI elements

iPhone developers! Do you need to make a quick mockup of your iPhone app for a presentation to venture capitalists? Don't struggle with creating your own UI elements. Geoff Teehan and crew have come up with a Photoshop PSD library full of UI assets that you can use to whip up a mockup of that ki...

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Mocked-up Cinema display taunts us with an update

Are we going to see new Cinema displays by the end of the month? If so, they might look like this-- it's a nice-looking mockup posted by Ben over on the redrant forums. It is interesting that Cinema displays are almost starting to match up to the Beatles as the one thing we hope to get from Apple ...

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