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First Look: iMockups for iPad

Developers often carry around notebooks, which they use to sketch out their brilliant ideas for the next million-dollar iPhone or iPad app. The folks over at Endloop, a Canadian iPad development company with a few projects under its figurative belt, have been "coding like madmen" recently for the...

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1Password on your iPad

1Password, the oft-mentioned password manager and form filler, has just posted mockups of their in-the-works iPad version. Previously available on the desktop and for the iPhone, 1Password has undergone some visual overhauls already. The iPad version appears to take the current interface a little fu...

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iPhone app requests - this time with screenshots

Everyone and their mother has requests for iPhone apps - heck, I had eight of them. But not everyone goes the extra mile like Phillip Ryu has to create detailed screenshots of how their apps should look (Update: Phill contacted me to clear up that Josh Pyles created the screenshots in collaborati...

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Should Apple have used Cover Flow in iPhoto '08?

TUAW reader o!ivier has posted a mockup to his Flickr account of how he believes the iPhoto '08 Events UI should have been designed. Seeing it as a more natural evolution of what Apple is doing with Mac OS X and their apps (iTunes, Finder in Leopard, etc.), o!ivier believes Apple should have buil...

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Fake iPhone unboxing

Okay. This is humor and we all know that humor is not universal. So if you don't find this site as funny as I did, well, that's kind of the breaks. I think this fake unboxing site is hilarious and I loved how they put in all the standard unboxing shots that you'd expect. There's the whole story, st...

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