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Modbook introduces the Modbook Pro

Who remembers the Modbook? We looked at an early iteration back in 2008, and today the company has introduced the Modbook Pro. It is a tablet, but the Modbook Pro does not run iOS. It's essentially the hardware of a 13" MacBook Pro inside a tablet case with a touch screen, running OS X. The comp...

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Axiotron Modbook upgrade: not quite 2 minutes, but overnight ain't bad

If you have $1,149 to spend, TechRestore can convert your MacBook into an Axiotron ModBook overnight during the work-week. They've put together a little stop-motion video, even, to show you how it's done. The $1,149 price is good through March 6. Overnight delivery options are an extra $29 to $99,...

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Woz gets a new job

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak seems to be a lot more visible lately. First, he's been making bad web ads for SCOTTEVEST. Next, we received pictures of Woz whizzing from the deck of his Segway. He was fined US$700 for driving his Prius at 104 miles per hour (167 kilometers per hour) on I-5. At last,...

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TUAW reviews the Axiotron ModBook

Axiotron's ModBook has been making a stir for a while, so we're pleased to have the opportunity to take it for a spin. In case you haven't seen it before, it's a MacBook that's been modified into a slate-style tablet computer, and it's stiff competition for any tablet PC (for many reasons, not the ...

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Mahalo Daily visits the ModBook folks

Our good friends at Mahalo Daily took this short look at the Axiotron ModBook, which (you've probably seen) is a modified MacBook that's been turned into a tablet computer. I learned a couple of interesting things about the device -- first of all, it's not a touchscreen, it's really a tablet, which ...

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Show floor video: Axiotron's Modbook wows the crowd

Who said there can only be one big portable computer announcement at Macworld Expo? The long-awaited Axiotron Modbook -- a FrankenMac adaptation of the MacBook into a surprisingly sleek and functional tablet machine -- was originally shown at last year's Macworld Expo and has finally reached shippin...

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Axiotron's ModBook now shipping

Just over a week ago, we posted that Axiotron's MacBook-based tablet was indeed about to ship. If you've been holding out for one, and if you have then I take my hat off to you for your patience, the most important news is that you can finally run over to Axiotron's site and order your very own Mo...

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ModBook almost ready to ship?

Our friends at jkOnTheRun recently got word from Axiotron that the long fabled ModBook, which you might recall from Macworld 2007 (here is a video we shot of the ModBook, and a gallery), is going to ship on or around January 8th, 2008 a year since it was announced. Since the ModBook has been delaye...

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Rig of the Week: The ModBook

Silly us. In our iPhone excitement, we forgot to post a Rig of the Week. Bad bloggers! This week's rig comes from tnkgrl, who has a ModBook of her own (or at least had a chance to visit with one). They were announced at Macworld in January, and were scheduled to start shipping this summer. Has anyon...

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ModBook gets upgrades, coming in June

Remember the ModBook, the only actual Mac announced at Macworld back in January from third-party vendor OWC? Well it's finally getting ready to ship. According to jkOnTheRun, an email has been sent out to those lucky few who pre-ordered based on the January specs, and OWC has announced that they're ...

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TUAW Show Floor Showoff: OWC's ModBook

There wasn't too much that was truly new and exciting on the Macworld Expo showfloor this year. Don't get me wrong, there was a ton of neat stuff but nothing huge. Nothing that is, other than the ModBook. We've covered it before, and now we have a video tour of the hottest item (other than the iPho...

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ModBook Unveiling Gallery: First Looks

OWC this afternoon unveiled its answer to a Macintosh tablet. Going by the moniker of ModBook, the device was specially engineered by OWC and Axitron (a company created just for this purpose). When all is said and done, the ModBook is essentially a MacBook with a Wacom Graphire digitizing tablet bu...

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Pictures of the ModBook Mac Tablet in the wild

We got a tip that some pics of the ModBook, the Macbook-based tablet product from OWC and Axiotron, have surfaced on the MacResource Forums. How convenient for us! Just one pic that I can find and it's a rendering, not an actual product shot. From the looks of it, it's a "clamshell" mod that essent...

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Why a Mac tablet from Apple doesn't make sense

Laurie posted OWC's announcement of their upcoming ModBook Mac tablet just as I began rounding up commentary from some Mac notables as to why a tablet from Apple simply doesn't make sense. OWC's announcement indeed makes things a bit more interesting, but I think some of these thoughts from Steven F...

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OWC and Axiotron announce the ModBook, a Mac-based tablet computer

A Mac Tablet? Seriously? Seriously! OWC is well known for their iPod solutions, Mac CPU upgrades and Firewire hard drives, but they will now be known as the folks who brought us a real Mac tablet solution. On Jan 9th they, along with their manufacturing partner Axiotron, will unveil the ModBook, ...

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