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Laying the groundwork for Galcon 2

Developer Phil Hassey kicked off our meeting at last week's GDC by showing me a necklace and a fridge magnet set both based on his oft-remade game Galcon, just two of the different rewards in the Kickstarter that recently raised him over $25,000 for development. Hassey has remade Galcon quite a...

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Six cool upgrades for an old iPod

If you have an old iPod kicking around, TechHive has some ideas that'll help you breathe some new life into these vintage devices. Each upgrade mentioned in the post are warranty-voiders, but that doesn't matter anymore because the devices are so old. The lists of mods include changing the ba...

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aTV Flash (black) for jailbroken Apple TVs updated with NFS support, more

FireCore just updated aTV Flash (black), an alternative software package for the second generation Apple TV. With a jailbroken Apple TV and the FireCore software, you can use the media device to surf the web, stream content from a NAS, play back popular media formats (MKV, AVI, MP4) and more. ...

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Dressing up the iPhone

The iPhone has an iconic look, but not everyone is content with the standard black and white casing. A report in the New York Times details how a growing number of people are risking their warranty by modding their phones. It's not just individuals working alone in their garage, but a new set o...

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Things to do with your iPad other than sell it

Not long ago, I wrote a post about using your older iPad as an extra television. Following up on that post, our beloved leader Victor asked if I could suggest other things to do with out-of-generation iPads other than sell them for cash. Of course, handing them over to another family member is o...

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eMac converted to self-tweeting cat bed

What do you do with an obsolete computer the size of a huge, plastic canned ham? Let your cat use it to tweet her naps, of course. The eMac was a behemoth of a computer, released by Apple in 2002. Originally meant for the education market, Apple eventually made them available to all consumers. I...

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Control Siri with your mind and lots of hardware

What's better than controlling your iPhone 4S with Siri? How about just thinking about something and having it happen? That's what a group of hackers have accomplished with Project Black Mirror. They've connected an iPhone 4S up to a setup that uses a MacBook Pro and an Arduino open-source mi...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help me repurpose my G5 tower

Dear Aunt TUAW, I have an old G5 tower and I want to re-purpose it in an awesome way. I've gotten suggestions like creating a server or putting another computer in it, but I am more interested in creating something clever and unexpected. Any ideas? Your loving nephew, Ben Dear Ben, A...

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A giant white iPhone table with no multitouch

German enthusiast and iPhone fan Benjamin Bachmeier has constructed a table-sized computer called the iTableous. This behemoth was entirely hand-built and runs a hackintosh version of Mac OS X 10.6.7 as well as Windows 7 Professional. Dual boot, baby! As you can see below, the craftsmanship is f...

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Turn an iPod touch into an iPhone with its own packaging

Here's a nice bit of ingenuity. Lifehacker reader Kevin explains how he used a VoIP app (Viber and Line 2 are two nice options) with his iPod's packaging and earbud speakers to create a DIY handset. After smoothing the edges of the plastic backing and wearing a groove to hold the earbud wire, Kev...

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Put a Windows Phone 7 theme on your iPhone

Been trying to think of a way to try out a new Windows phone without crossing over to the dark side switching sides? If that's the case and you have been looking for a way to recreate the Windows Phone 7 interactive theme on your iPhone or iPod touch, Wyndwarrior's "OS7" is available in public beta...

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Apple TV clock mod makes up for the lack of an iPad clock

Do you have an old first-generation Apple TV lying around collecting dust? Would you like to turn it into something useful and attractive? TUAW reader Antonio Worrall had purchased a second-generation Apple TV, and his old unit had gone to "join the choir invisible," so he decided to put the deceas...

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Fantastic transparent iPhone 4 case mod

We love a good mod, and this one is stellar. An enterprising iPhone user got his hands on a clear case mod kit for the iPhone 4, (Google translation) put it together and posted the fantastic results online. It's wicked geeky, and reminds us of the clear Newton MessagePad prototype, though not as clo...

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Apple G4 turned into a mailbox

We love mods of older Apple hardware and the resurgence of this oldie but goodie is no exception. Spotted and photographed in the Te Atatu suburb of Auckland, New Zealand, this classic mailbox features a gutted G4 that has been modified into a mailbox, complete with a front flap and address numbers....

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Centrafuse offers iPhone control via touchscreen

We know what you're thinking. "I've always wanted to crash my car, but only if I can blame it on a hilarious YouTube video." Well gas up the Civic and put some fresh Ace Wrap in the glove box, because your chance is nearly upon you. YouTube user Mister Romin has demonstrated how he used an iPhone...

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