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Minecraft: Pocket Edition is officially 'hotter than the Sun'

How popular is the mobile version of Minecraft? Pretty dang popular, according to developer Mojang's latest blog post. According to the company -- which, by the way, was recently acquired by Microsoft -- Minecraft: Pocket Edition is bigger than Texas, 23 times hotter than the Sun, and "more than the...

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Microsoft buys Minecraft studio Mojang, but promises to continue iOS, Mac development

Everyone's favorite sandbox game, Minecraft, is now officially owned by Microsoft thanks to a $2.5 billion deal the company made to purchase developer Mojang. The buy will see Microsoft take control of a game that is published -- and extremely popular -- across many of the platforms of its competi...

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Minecraft Pocket Edition hits 10 million downloads

Mojang has announced that the Pocket Edition of its extremely popular sandbox game Minecraft has also reached 10 million downloads, a feat made even more impressive by the fact that the app is being sold for a premium price of $6.99. The original PC version of Minecraft hit 10 million sales back...

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Minecraft Pocket Edition headed to iOS later this year

We've been waiting awhile for an official Minecraft client for iOS, and it looks like we'll have to wait a bit longer. According to Pocket Gamer, Minecraft - Pocket Edition will debut for Android devices on September 29, but Minecraft developer Mojang has offered only a vague "before the end of...

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Minecraft iOS debut set for after Sony Xperia launch

Back in February we told you that the popular Mojang sandbox game Minecraft would be making its official debut on iOS later this year (there had previously been an unofficial Minecraft for iOS). While it's still on schedule to debut for iOS in 2011, today Gamasutra broke the news that Minecraft...

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