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Snapstream industrial-strength DVR gets Mac browser client

Snapstream is an enterprise-level TV monitoring service. It's used mostly by news organizations and companies to keep an eye on what's happening on television every night, looking for a certain piece of video or bit of text or speech (the Daily Show famously uses it to keep track of all of that ne...

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BodyMedia introduces the Armband BW at CES, body monitoring for iPhone

BodyMedia had quite a presence at CES last week, with one of their employees running around town and even jumping out of planes to show off the company's new product, the BodyMedia FIT Armband BW. I stopped by their booth to talk to company founder Ivo Stivoric about the product, and how it connect...

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How the iPhone has influnced Intamac's connected home services

Intamac was probably one of the least consumer-facing appointments we had at last week's CES conference in Las Vegas -- the company develops and supports home monitoring systems, mostly for other businesses (security companies and telecommunications companies) rather than actual consumers. But it w...

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iPhone 3G S Launch Day: Interview with Airstrip's Cameron Powell

We had a quick chat with Dr. Wm. Cameron Powell of Airstrip Technologies at the 5th Avenue Apple Store this morning, talking about his company's data visualization and monitoring tools for hospital use. Airstrip's FDA-approved application for OB monitoring is already on the App Store in demo for...

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iStat menus turns 1.3

iSlayer has released version 1.3 of iStat menus, the powerful -- and free -- Mac system monitoring app. There are so many changes that the release notes for this latest update take up an entire page of the iSlayer website. Some of the more notable additions include: Monitoring power, current a...

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Fuzzmeasure Pro 3 leverages Leopard for audio measurement

Reader Sebastiaan sends word that Fuzzmeasure Pro 3 is out (and that he designed the icon for it-- very nice). Released on the three-year anniversary of the first version's release, the update has a host of new features, including integration with Leopard's Core Audio, the sweet audio graphs that th...

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iStat menus 1.2 monitors your Mac's innards

I'm definitely a big fan of iSlayer's iStat Pro widget. Whenever my older Powerbook acts a little weird, I can just pull up the Dashboard and tell at a glance what's going wrong ("Oh my, the CPU is running at 150 degrees again. Time to quit a few apps"). Now they've sent word that iStat menus, an ...

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Widget Watch: iStat Pro 4, iStat nano 2

The crew over at iSlayer have been busy releasing major updates to their killer system monitoring widgets, and not a moment too late for this year's Apple Design Awards (entry deadline is April 23rd). Earlier this month we missed a major upgrade and UI overhaul to iStat nano, bringing the compact ...

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iSlayer releases 7 new mini stat widgets, iStat app

iSlayer, makers of the istat widgets we're all such a fan of, has just announced 7 new Dashboard system monitoring widgets, as well as a full iStat application (call me crazy, but I think these guys like keeping an eye on their systems). The new widgets more or less cover the same ground their iSta...

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