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Monitor overkill?

A wise man once told me that for every additional monitor on your desk, your productivity is cut in half. If that's true, then nobody is getting any work done in this office. I'm all for having an obnoxious amount of screen real estate at your disposal, but this might be pushing things a bit. Bon...

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Kyle Kinkade speaks at MacTech on the power of AirPlay

Kyle Kinkade, you may remember, is one of the original early developers of Tap Tap Revenge (one of the biggest hits of the App Store's first generation of games). He was last seen working on Bartleby's Book of Buttons, a beautiful and interactive book for the iPad. This week at the MacTech IT a...

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Calibrate your monitors for cheap

In the world of computer monitors, there's quality, ... and then there's the rest of us. I buy my monitors at places like Costco, Target and Best Buy, where you can pick up a 27-inch unit for under $300. Remember that statement about "you get what you pay for?" It's particularly true of...

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Mac laptop glossy screens hazardous to your posture?

Well, we're still not sure our iPhones are safe to use, and now comes word from Australia that our brand spanking new glossy screens might be hurting us as well, through bad ergonomics. An HR advisory from Queensland University of Technology suggests that: "Reflections and glare on high gloss monito...

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The ViBook, additional displays via USB

I reviewed the Village Tronic ViDock a while back, and I was happy to have the opportunity to take a look at one of their more entry-level solutions for adding additional monitors to machines without an additional video port. This one, the ViBook, is a USB-to-DVI solution. As was the case with my...

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Corral your desktop windows with SizeUp

I want to make a quick mention regarding one of the most useful utilities I've found in recent days: SizeUp. It allows you to resize and reposition windows using keyboard shortcuts. It's no secret that I like my screen real estate, and making the most of it is a big deal to me. You can sit and res...

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New mini owners stung with display incompatibilities, update on the way

It seems like just yesterday we heard from David Thomas that his Samsung Syncmaster 910 MP display wasn't working with his shiny new 2009 Mac mini. Oh, wait, it was yesterday -- and David's not alone, judging by the traffic on Apple's support boards. VGA display owners who are using a Mini DisplayP...

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First Look: iStat menus beta and screenshot gallery

For what seems like forever (or at least since April 29th, 2005), the crew at iSlayer have leveraged their obsession with system performance and statistics and provided us with arguably the best darn donationware iStat widgets on the block. For a little while now, they've been teasing their fello...

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