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Some sites still selling third-party Apple accessories

Ok, ok, it's not exactly news that there is Apple gear being sold on the Internet. But given that popular electronic accessory retailer Monoprice recently decided to stop selling Apple accessories, you might be looking for a new place to buy your cords and hookups. That's right -- TUAW contacted Mo...

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Bending the battery: Using a dock extender to flex your iPhone

Do you use a bottom-connector battery extender? Have you been bothered by the awkward phone geometry that involves? For me, I've found it really hard to deal with the added length, especially with the (tiny!) storage compartment on the top handle of my Jeep stroller. For me, the longer phone-plus-ba...

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Review: Monoprice's iPhone leather-cased battery backup is another great deal

We like Monoprice around here. They are a wonderful source for cables and iPhone battery backups as well as lots of other accessories and add-ons. We covered their 2200 mAh battery dongle a few months back and nearly everyone who bought one was quite happy including our own Auntie TUAW. The price w...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: What's the low down on battery packs?

Dear Aunt TUAW, Boxcar is killing my battery life (at least, that's what I'm guessing -- I love Boxcar, but since I began getting 20+ notifications a day, I'm seeing the battery drain quite a bit faster). What kind of battery pack can you recommend to help my poor iPhone stay online and availabl...

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