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Forget the standard print dialog: ClarusX2014 is changing orientation one print dialog at a time

Recently, Apple marked a major Mac anniversary. Celebrate the next 30 years of Macintosh by ditching this guy and replace him with a classic Clarus in your print dialog. Roby Sherman's ClarusX2014 offers a full rewrite of ClarusX2005, escorting dogcattle into the age of Mavericks. It provides an ...

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Appleworks dies. Long live iWork

ComputerWorld UK reports that AppleWorks has been retired by Apple after 23 years. AppleWorks, aka ClarisWorks né StyleWare provided a complete, low-cost office suite for Macintosh computers all the way into the PowerPC era. I wrote my dissertation in the program and until a couple of years a...

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Blast from the Past: Clarus, the Dogcow

There are two kinds of people[1]. Say "moof" and some people will look at you a little funny. Others will laugh knowingly. The latter are acquainted with Clarus. She is the Apple dogcow. Developed as part of the Cairo icon font by Susan Kare, the dogcow eventually became the mascot of the Page Setup...

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Moof and other Mac Icon Shirts

Susan Kare designed the original icons for the Macintosh as well as some for many early popular software programs. She's responsible for both the Moof the Dogcow and the error bomb icons, for instance.And now she's opened up a Cafe Press shop to sell her famous icon designs on t-shirts. Yes, you can...

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