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Moshi's IonBank 5K with Lightning Connector: No need to carry cables

With literally hundreds of iPhone/iPad battery packs available, it takes something special to get this reviewer excited. Moshi's IonBank 5K with Lightning Connector (US$88.95) has enough power stored up to give your iPhone 5 a few full charges, and it does it all without you having to lug around a...

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Review and giveaway: Moshi VersaKeyboard for iPad Air

In the seemingly endless parade of iPad keyboard cases, there's one thing that is usually missing -- the ability to separate the keyboard from the case. The new Moshi VersaKeyboard for iPad Air (US$100) not only takes a different method to hold up the iPad, but lets you put the keyboard where it's...

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CES: Moshi shows off the Ion Bank battery pack, and other new wares for 2013

Moshi is back on the floor of CES this year in Las Vegas, and the accessory manufacturer kindly took a few moments to show us the latest and greatest for 2013. As you might imagine, the biggest innovation in the overall lineup is the Lightning adapter: Moshi's rep told us that the company has b...

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Accessory maker Moshi settles patent suit with three firms

The California-based Mac, iPhone and iPad accessory maker Moshi announced yesterday that the company has settled three suits it brought against other vendors. The other companies were allegedly copying Moshi's patented iVisor touchscreen protector, which is designed to be applied bubble-free. Mosh...

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Moshi releases Clarus headphones at CES

Moshi, makers of a variety of accessories for your Mac and iPhone, have announced a new set of headphones at CES called Clarus. They have two interesting characteristics, one inside the headphones, and one outside. Outside they are a little different than a number of in-ear style headphones in t...

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TUAW TV "Not So Live": Unboxing fest 2011

Welcome back to another episode of TUAW TV "Not So Live." Yes, I'm still out of town, but I was able to put together a festival of unboxing for your viewing pleasure. On today's show, you'll see the beautiful and unique Blackbox Case from Golden, Colorado, the Scosche switchBACK surge g4 (the c...

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moshi zephyr MacBook cooler

There are plenty of Mac portable stands and cooling devices out there, but few can rival the moshi zephyr for good looks. This cast aluminum stand incorporates a "high-thermal conduction interface compound" that contacts the bottom of the Mac and draws heat away to the heat sink and an "USB-powered ...

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