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iPhone 4 reviews roundup

Considering that some lucky early adopters got their new phones today and a large flood of preorders is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, it's no surprise that the embargo has fallen and the first enthusiastic reviews of the new iPhone 4 have been posted. The list and links below: David Pogue in the New...

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Snow Leopard: In EULA we trust

Just before the release of Snow Leopard, Uncle Walt Mossberg did the unthinkable by writing that the $29 Leopard upgrade: "will work properly on ...Tiger equipped Macs, so you can save the extra $140." We reported that as well but didn't have all the facts verified at the time. Gizmodo likened Wa...

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Uncle Walt on MobileMe: Pass on it for now

MobileMe has been off to a rough start. The mail outages aren't good and giving people free time to use a service that doesn't work is a cold comfort. Sadly, the bad news just keeps coming for MobileMe. Walt Mossberg, Personal Technology columnist for the Wall Street Journal, is generally an Apple f...

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More iPhone 3G buzz from Uncle Walt

You have to smile a bit at the role Walt Mossberg plays in the geekosphere -- he's like the chairman of the Federal Reserve, what with the excitement that his offhand comments can generate. In this case, towards the end of a rather interesting rant about the obstacles to video delivery ("8 minutes...

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First "official" reviews of the iPhone are out

Sure, there's been a lot of speculation and discussion about the iPhone, its features and its usability in the mainstream and online press. We might even be guilty of a little speculation here at TUAW, too. I know, try to contain your surprise. Fortunately, speculation time is coming quickly to an e...

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