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Stylish Boomerang iPad mount/stand now shipping

Nothing makes me happier than to see a Kickstarter or Indiegogo project not only get funded, but make it to the newly-redesigned BiteMyApple.co online store. That means that even if you didn't have an opportunity to back the project, you can purchase the product outright. That's the case with the ...

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Mophie delivers the OUTRIDE for action iPhone camera work

Popular iOS accessory maker mophie is stepping outside its battery-based products and debuting a new, sports action camera mount for the iPhone 4/4S. The OUTRIDE camera system includes a durable mount, a beefy camera-centric case and software to tie it all together. The polycarbonate case and m...

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The Wallee: A complete iPad stand, mount, and case solution (Updated)

In the vast world of iPad accessories, there are few complete systems that provide a variety of ways to protect and mount your device. A new case system from Australia, The Wallee, comes with a set of sidekicks that make it one of the most versatile iPad accessories I've reviewed so far. Read o...

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Insanely Great launches made-in-USA iPhone accessories with Cyber Monday deal

Whether your iPhone has been with you for years or you just picked one up this weekend during the holiday shopping rush, you're facing the same problem either way: getting it to stay where you put it, in the car or on your desk. Scores of companies offer lots of different "stick it and forget i...

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Daily Mac App: Drive Mounter

If you have multiple network drives in multiple locations, repeatedly finding and mounting them manually gets old, fast. Drive Mounter takes the tedium out of mounting drives by automating the process. OK, mounting drives can be done at login pretty easily, especially if you're only ever goin...

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Vogel's RingO iPad mounting system: The versatile iPad 2 mount (Updated)

Netherlands-based audio/video mount manufacturer Vogel's first introduced their iPad mounting solution in October of 2010. Now the company has brought its universal mounting system for the iPad 2 -- named RingO -- to American soil for the first time. I recently had an opportunity to try out the c...

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PadTab: inexpensive iPad wall mount

The PadTab is an iPad mounting system that takes your iPad and lets you mount it to a flat surface without the use of any power tool, screws or hammers. The PadTab is a two-piece solution that uses a high strength adhesive wall mount and a plastic mounting plate for your iPad. For the low cost ...

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A DIY iPhone car mount for just $2

So, like me, you've been doing a lot of driving around with your iPhone lately, and you've come to the conclusion that just having it sit next to you on the seat isn't the best way to do things. You need an in-car mounted dock, but you're not ready to shell out a bunch of money for something with "p...

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TUAW Tip: temporarily prevent your iPod from syncing

Out of the box, the iPod is designed to work seamlessly with iTunes, so the system automatically syncs (by default) when you connect your iPod. This is typically fine for most users, but what about those times when you don't want this tag team to kick into gear for one reason or another? Perhaps you...

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