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Sony video downloads to challenge iTunes?

Online video sales may take in about a third of a billion dollars this year. Sony wants in on the action. According to today's Financial Times, Sony is making plans to enter the video download market, specifically to provide content for its existing 20 million plus PSP installed base. Amazon's mov...

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Apple's agenda for the media event?

Ok, it's time for some last-minute rumor mongering. A little birdie just flew into TUAW headquarters (a little birdie who wishes to remain anonymous) and told us the following. Remember, this is all rumor, folks, but it sounds like it could be legit to us. Here we go. "...Let's just say I have been ...

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iTunes Movie Store?

My theory is Apple is going to continue the smaller announcements throughout the year, if for no other reason than to distract everyone from the impending doom that is Vista. Case in point, the cryptic comment Steve made after this week's announcement: "we'll see you all real soon." AppleI...

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