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Conan debuts a "first look" at Christian Bale as Steve Jobs

The rumor that Christian Bale would play Steve Jobs in an upcoming biopic was confirmed this week, and the crack team over at Conan already have a trailer for the film. Apparently the film will take place during a previously unexplored dark time in the Apple founder's life. If only the real film wo...

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Jobs, directed by Michael Bay

The upcoming Steve Jobs biopic is going through some growing pains, with would-be director David Fincher no longer on board to guide the project. We've already taken a look at what the flick could look like, depending on which director ends up taking the helm, but one film guru was left out: Micha...

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Fantastic short film presents a day in the life of an iPhone

If your daily routine involves waking to the beep of your iPhone alarm, this short film called "Skew" is going to hit close to home. Using a massive iPhone mockup and physical objects to mimic the smartphone's on-screen icons, it's a bit of a reverse take on traditional skeuomorphism (hence the "S...

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'Jobs' movie disappoints with $6.7 million opening weekend

The Ashton Kutcher-led Steve Jobs biopic Jobs had a disappointing opening weekend, earning just US$6.7 million at the US box office. That puts Jobs in seventh place for the week. As we've written about before, Jobs has received a number of critical remarks from former Apple employees saying the mo...

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'Jobs' movie review roundup

Jobs hits theaters today, and the reviews are piling up faster than unsold Surface tablets (I'm sorry, that was mean). The early verdicts are not particularly flattering, and the flick currently has a 25 percent rating at Rotten Tomatoes and more-favorable-but-still-low 43 out of 100 on Metacritic...

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Here is your official Jobs movie poster

The Steve Jobs biopic (the Kutcher one, at least) isn't due out until August 16th, but helping the hype train build up some steam is the release of the official movie poster. Featuring star Ashton Kutcher in all his bearded glory, the colorful one sheet features the tagline "Some see what's possib...

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Ashton Kutcher's Jobs to open nationwide on August 16th

Try to contain your excitement -- Ashton Kutcher's new movie Jobs, which previewed to somewhat tepid reviews towards the beginning of 2013 -- will be hitting theaters nationwide on Friday, August 16th. Open Road Films was originally aiming for an April 19th release date, but decided to delay the ...

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Chills and thrills for your iPad with Haunting Melissa

A teenage girl alone in a remote farmhouse, an absent father, a boyfriend off at college... and a locked door that conceals a tragic secret. These are the creepy, chilling tropes on display in Haunting Melissa, a serialized video horror story delivered in the form of an iOS app available today on ...

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Rovio teams up with Sony for the Angry Birds movie, coming July 2016

Rovio has announced, via tweet and then by news release, that it has lined up a deal and a date with Sony Pictures to distribute the upcoming Angry Birds movie. Rovio's been working on putting the frustrated fowl into a motion picture for a while, but this announcement makes it more or less a do...

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Jobs biopic starring Ashton Kutcher delays release

Ermagerd! It's a catastrophe of Hollywood proportions! Jobs, the somewhat biographical movie starring Ashton Kutcher that chronicles the rise of late Apple founder Steve Jobs from stinky college dropout to highly-successful CEO, has been given a delayed release date so that Open Road Films can ha...

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Macworld 2013: Ashton Kutcher and Josh Gad talk about playing Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak

Actors Ashton Kutcher and Josh Gad, who are playing Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in the upcoming movie jOBS, helped kick off Macworld | iWorld 2013 today, in a panel moderated by expo general manager Paul Kent. The two chatted with Kent about how they approached their roles in the film, what it...

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Ashton Kutcher's portrayal of Steve Jobs landed him in the hospital

Ashton Kutcher immersed himself in his role as Steve Jobs, mimicking the appearance, the speech patterns and even the fruitarian diet of the late Apple co-founder. It was this last method acting choice that landed the actor in the hospital for a few days before he began shooting the film, accor...

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jOBS film reviews start rolling in

Ashton Kutcher's jOBS movie will land in theaters on April 19th, and a few technology sites have gotten a sneak peek at the film. Reviews are mixed with The Next Web generally enjoying the film, and CNET saying the effort "falls flat." The Verge hits the middle ground with both praise for the w...

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jOBS movie in theaters on April 19th

The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Ashton Kutcher's jOBS movie will land in theaters on April 19th. According to HR: The biopic, directed by Joshua Michael Stern and written by Matthew Whitely, chronicles Jobs' ascension from college dropout to one of the most revered entrepreneurs ...

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Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs flick gets an April release date

The new film that starts Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs (which is still unfortunately titled jOBS, apparently), has gotten an April release date, according to the Wall Street Journal. The film, directed by Joshua Michael Stern, will premiere at the very end of the Sundance Film Festival in Park...

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