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Legendarily horrible film "MANOS" gets its own iOS game

There are few movies that are as bad as the 1966 horror film MANOS: The Hands of Fate, which sits very near the bottom of IMDB's ratings list. I can think of a few almost as bad, like Robot Monster (guy in gorilla suit wearing a space helmet), Hercules Against the Moon Men (science-fiction and Gr...

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RiffSync for Mac perfects RiffTrax from the MST3K gang

RiffSync (US$9.99) in the Mac App Store has found very clever way to perfect RiffTrax, ... but before I get to the Riffsync app, you might need a little background about RiffTrax. If the names Gypsy, Tom Servo, Cambot and Crow T. Robot sound familiar, you know about Mystery Science Theater 30...

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Found Footage: Tom Servo's a Mac, and Crow's a PC

If you enjoyed Mystery Science Theater 3000 as much as I did (and still do), this clip from 1991 should warm your precious little heart. We find Servo having problems with his PC, and pining for the Mac that he used to have. Bonus references to WordPerfect 5.1, Amiga, and autoexec.bat! And System ...

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