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Poser 10 and Poser Pro 2014 available, bringing new characters, physics and more

Poser has come a long way from the last time I used it, right around version 4. We're now at 10 for the basic edition (retail US$299.99) and Poser Pro 2014 (retail $499.99) has become a powerful animation tool in its own right. I got to look at some of the new features rolling out today and they a...

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Patent for advanced authoring tool from Apple looks like what iWeb should have been

Anyone remember HyperCard? I sure do. I miss HyperCard, an "authoring tool for the rest of us" that allowed mere mortals to make simplistic programs by ordering and linking "cards" and packing them up for users to try out on the Macs -- back in the 1980s, anyway. A patent unearthed by Patently ...

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TerraRay for Mac doubles rendering speed and drops price for 1 week

I've enjoyed using TerraRay for some months. It's in the tradition of terrain creation apps like Bryce, but at a much lower price. I don't think it is quite as photo realistic as some other 3D landscape programs, but it is continuously upgrading features and quality. TerraRay 6 is just out, and...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: VLC

Yesterday on the Daily Mac App, we showed you how to bestow QuickTime Player with the ability to play a multitude of formats and codecs, but sometimes even Perian won't cut it, and that's where you can turn to VLC to get the job done. VLC is a free, open-source, cross-platform multimedia play...

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Plex running on a jailbroken Apple TV

That didn't take long. Shortly after the Apple TV was successfully jailbroken, someone has gotten Plex up and running. For now, it's quite buggy (see a video after the break) and limited to video, which means no photos or music. But hey, it's running! Plex is a media center for the Mac, and pulls...

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Review: GarageBand '11 is worth diving into

iLife '11 has a lot of goodies, but none impressed me more than GarageBand's new capabilities (although I am pretty enthralled with some of the new iMovie features). GarageBand has taken another step toward being a "prosumer" music-recording solution, while still maintaining its roots as a simple, d...

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iBooks Store adding increasing number of multimedia titles

It was earlier this week that Jeff Bezos, father of the Kindle and CEO of Amazon was saying that "A color screen doesn't make an Ernest Hemingway novel any better." True enough -- the Kindle has a beautiful sharp screen that is a pleasure to gaze at. Not all books, however, are Hemingways, and we...

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Author Ryu Murakami releasing new book solely for iPad

Like me, maybe you're not big into Japanese literature other than some graphic novels. When I read this story, I had no idea who Ryu Murakami was until I read that his list of works includes Audition. Audition, in case you don't know, was adapted to film by Takashi Miike; it's one of the most uncomf...

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GOAL! EyeTV filters out the vuvuzelas at the World Cup

Just in time for the US to advance to the round of 16 in the World Cup (sorry, Algeria), Elgato offers a special edition of its EyeTV software that does what just about everybody (who's watching the World Cup) wants: filter out those horrible plastic horns while you're watching the games live throug...

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Some further thoughts on the rumored next Apple TV

Our report this morning that there may be a new Apple TV (based on an Engadget scoop) is going to cause a lot of chatter. A new Apple TV is a step the company has to take, and frankly, if it came out today it would be at least a year late. The article says the project has been in the works for a ...

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Hands-on: Savant shows off their iPad interface

Savant AV brought their iPad road tour to a location that happens to be pretty close to me in Irvine, California. So, I headed down there to take a look at their brand new iPad app, an interface for wirelessly controlling their high-end home automation systems. The company helps dealers put togethe...

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Random House leery of iPad over pricing concerns

We've heard that Apple is still trying to hammer down multimedia content, but print may not be in the bag just yet. Random House is apparently applying some last minute pressure to Apple, since the company says that it's not quite sure about how pricing will work on the iPad. Apple's offer is that ...

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WSJ: Hundreds of thousands of iPads sold, Apple scrambling for content deals

The Wall Street Journal has written that Apple is scrambling to get everything ready for the iPad's release on April 3rd -- not only has it already "sold hundreds of thousands of the device, [according to] people familiar with the matter," but Apple is also working hard to try and "nail down" sever...

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Apple offers 2 software updates for iLife '09 and Camera RAW

Well, it's Tuesday, and that's Apple's favorite day to update software. Today we get an iLife '09 update, and a bunch of camera RAW updates. Here's what Apple has to say about the iLife update: Provides system software resources that are shared by iLife and other applications. This update i...

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Sling offers app update for Windows phones that includes 3G streaming on AT&T

Well, thanks AT&T. In the past I've vented my frustration that the much awaited SlingPlayer Mobile app for the iPhone was crippled by a new AT&T rule that didn't allow place shifting of TV signals on their network. The rule appeared to be specifically written to ban the SlingPlayer. As a ...

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