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Apple patent suggests charger for multiple devices

A new patent application filed by Apple suggests the company is working on putting together a device that would charge multiple Apple products at the same time, including an iPhone or iPod and a MacBook at the same time. The patent is for a "multi-output power supply" that would hook up a charg...

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iWeb 1.1 can handle multiple site databases

I was pretty darn happy with iWeb's update the other day, and good news of feature  enhancements is still cropping up. Comments on my review of iWeb's new features pointed out such handy additions as a pop-up calendar when clicking on a blog post's date - great for adjusting its schedule. There...

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Parallels Workstation 2.1 beta6

Parallels has cranked out a 6th beta of their most excellent virtualizating Workstation software for Intel Macs. Fixes and improvements in this latest version include: USB fixes (more devices supported: PDA, scanner, etc.) Shared Folders fixes (added support for guest Windows 2000) Network ...

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How To: Run other OSes on your Mac with Parallels Workstation

Parallels has been creating a lot of buzz with their Workstation software that allows Intel Mac users to run almost any version of Windows, Linux and many other OSs right inside of Mac OS X, without the need for shutting down what you're doing in Mac OS X to reboot into the other OS. This 'virtuali...

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Hidden new iTunes feature: multiple speaker streaming

A commenter known only as "David" on my post about the new MiniStore in iTunes noticed a great new feature that I'm surprised wasn't somehow worked into yesterday's keynote: multiple speaker streaming. iTunes can now stream music to multiple AirPort Expresses, and even keep playing the mus...

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