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New Apple Stores set to open in UK and Germany

We heard earlier this year that Apple was planning to expand its retail business "disproportionately outside the US," and it looks like that plan is being put into motion starting now. In addition to a new Apple Store opening up this Thursday in Leeds, UK, the company has posted job listings fo...

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iPad 2 buyers already lining up in Munich

It's good to see that we wacky Americans aren't the only people who start camping out in lines to buy Apple toys. iFun.de posted the above photo of the short, but early, line at the Rosenstrasse Apple Store in Munich, Germany. That photo was taken 26 hours before the iPad 2 actually goes on s...

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Lufthansa offers engineer who lost 4G iPhone free ticket to Germany

Nicola Lange, Lufthansa's director of marketing and customer relations for the Americas, has posted a letter on his Twitter account to Gray Powell, the Apple engineer who lost the 4G iPhone prototype in a German beer hall in Redwood City, offering complimentary Business Class tickets to Munich. "...

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Lonely Planet giving away free iPhone guides in honor of Eyjafjallajökull messing with Europe

Did Eyjafjallajökull mess your week up? The answer is probably "no" if you're asking who Eyjafjallajökull is. For those of us who did have our week interrupted by that big exploding volcano in Iceland, Lonely Planet is offering thirteen of its City Guides for free in the App Store (and ...

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Munich Apple Store opening draws huge crowd

Here's a familiar story -- an Apple Store opening draws a huge crowd. This time, the store in question was Germany's very first. Construction on this location began all the way back in July of 2007, and we started to see job postings in May of this year. Some reports state that 4,000 people visited...

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Apple posts job listings for Munich Apple Store

In June of last year, we wrote about the Apple Store that has been planned for Munich, Germany. At the time, rumors identified an opening date of "...the 2nd half of 2008." Today, Apple has posted several retail job openings for Munich, from concierge up to store manager; eleven in total. If they've...

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Construction on Munich's Apple Store

Workers are busily constructing Germany's first Apple Store in Munich. AppleInsider has photos of the 4 story construction project - and surrounding barricade - which is covered with iPod advertisements. There's certainly no question as to what they're building. It's scheduled to open in the 2nd hal...

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