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The Daily celebrates a year with 100,000 paid subscribers on iPad

One of the iPad's first regular periodical publications (if not the first one) The Daily launched a year ago. It's been a fairly rocky year. Originally, the Rupert Murdoch-funded app hoped it could get at least half a million subscriptions to keep its publication going; a few months ago we hear...

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The Daily trial extended to the end of February

Several TUAW readers have noticed that the trial version of The Daily has been extended through February 28. When the app debuted on February 2, Verizon announced that it was sponsoring a two-week free trial. This also brought forth the rumor of the public release of iOS 4.3 within that time frame....

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WSJ iPad subscription sets you back $17.29 per month

You know that free Wall Street Journal iPad app that was introduced yesterday? If you want anything more than the top articles and basic market data you'll need to fork out US$17.29 per month. That's what an iPad WSJ subscription will cost you. That's $3.99 per week. Engadget is quick to point out t...

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Rupert Murdoch confirms WSJ for iPad

Rupert Murdoch has confirmed, in a Q & A following his announcement of a New York 'metro' section for the Wall Street Journal, that an app for the iPad is under development (WSJ story here, behind the paywall). There's an iPhone app available now, and it's expected that the iPad version will exp...

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Murdoch not quite ready to jump on the iTunes bandwagon

Have you ever watched The Office? Me neither -- not until it showed up on iTunes, I mean. I tried watching it once on TV, but the Siren-like seductiveness of my beautifully-curved TiVo remote took hold of my consciousness, prompting me to change the channel to something a little more...I don't know,...

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