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Google's Field Trip app gets you into 13 museums for free right now

Museum buffs and tourists might want to download Google's Field Trip app right now. As we've told you before, the location-based app shows you cool things to do while on a trip. For a limited time, the app will also get you into 13 major US museums for free, as Google announced on the Field Trip G...

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Photoshop 1.0 source code now available from the Computer History Museum

The Computer History Museum in Mountain View, Calif. (home of Google, and just a few miles from Apple's HQ in Cupertino) has a new display up, featuring none other than the source code to Photoshop 1.0, the very first version of Adobe's powerhouse photo-editing software. The exhibit features 12...

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Sound Uncovered is a gateway to the fascinating world of sound

The San Francisco-based Exploratoruim has a long history of promoting science, arts and hands-on learning. The science museum has a physical location with more than a thousand exhibits, a website with more than 50,000 pages of content and now it is launching its second interactive iPad app, Sou...

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Alberta's Show Me Apple Museum a nice collection of Apple history

Apple may not be planning on opening a museum in its new Cupertino headquarters, but that doesn't mean you can't find a local museum to learn more about Apple's illustrious history. One such collection is the Show Me Apple museum located in Alberta, Canada. It was founded by Todd Boschee and is...

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Explore one of the great art galleries with Uffizi Touch

The Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy is one of the great art treasure houses of the world. Construction began in 1560, and now it is home to thousands of paintings and statues from Renaissance artists like da Vinci, Caravaggio and Rembrandt. The entire collection ranges from the 1100s to the las...

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Phil Schiller: no Apple visitor center or gallery at new campus

Apple's new Cupertino campus won't be finished until at least 2016, and if Phil Schiller has his way, the new headquarters will not include a museum or gallery celebrating the early history of the company. Atlanta-based author and "computer historian" David Greelish wrote a blog post and star...

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Should Apple build a museum on the new campus?

Computer historian David Greelish argues in a blog post that Apple should build a museum on the grounds of its new Cupertino campus. He points out that the flying ring-shaped office will attract everyone from architects to Apple fans who want to check out the unique building. Apple, Greelish ...

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Online museum offers Steve Jobs exhibit

If you crave even more info about Steve Jobs, the Computer History Museum has just posted an online exhibit called "Steve Jobs...First NeXT, One more thing...". The exhibit has lots of information, some archival photos and a smattering of videos, some donated by friends of Steve that haven't been...

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iPod 10th anniversary: Apple design exhibit at MKG Hamburg

Since we're celebrating a decade of iPod today, it's a perfect time to share our photos from the Stylectrical exhibition at the MK&G museum in Hamburg, Germany. This collection features scores of Apple products (largely from the reign of design chief Jonathan Ive) alongside some of the indu...

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Use an iPad in a kiosk with aluminum nClosures

The enclosures securing and protecting the iPads I spied at LaGuardia looked like custom jobs for Delta's terminal, but if you want to install an iPad for use in a kiosk, it appears nClosures has your multitouch device literally covered. The iPad kiosk mount from nClosures is a complete solutio...

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The American Museum of Natural History's Explorer app for the iPhone and iPod touch

The American Museum of Natural History on New York City's Upper West Side has released AMNH Explorer (free) for the iPhone and iPod touch. This app, funded by Bloomberg, is a tour guide and personal navigation system that allows you to easily traverse the museum's huge collection. You can search ...

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iPod accessory turns up in fine art museum

I'm in Chicago right now visiting some of my friends. Yesterday we decided to go to my old workplace, the Art Institute of Chicago, which has one of the best collections of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art in the world. Imagine my surprise when I found myself staring at a first-generation i...

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A free app for those who love art

It's true. I'm delighted to find free applications that stimulate and involve. The iPhone/iPod touch continues to open new vistas for those willing to explore the app store. If you love great art, then get thee to iTunes and download Love Art [App Store link] which is a tour of some of the great wor...

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Newton Museum going-out-of-business sale

If this large vintage collection of Macs made its way into Dave's basement, I'm sure all the Newton-related items being offered up in this eBay auction will also end up there. The complete collection of The Newton Museum's stock is up for grabs and it's nothing if not a thorough collection. I mean...

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