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Billboard claims iTunes Radio isn't the hit Apple was hoping for

The debut of iTunes Radio last summer signaled a fundamental shift in Apple's music strategy. First and foremost, iTunes Radio was Apple's not-so-subtle acknowledgment that the musical landscape that framed Steve Jobs' oft-repeated line about consumers wanting to own their music had...

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No, Spotify isn't trying to screw over iPhone users

As a Spotify user, I was pleased to see the iOS version of the streaming music app get a much needed facelift last week. The new design is slick and much easier to use than the previous version, and I've had no issues with playing my music as usual, which is why I was so confused to see this...

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IK Multimedia iLoud portable speaker lives up to its name

IK Multimedia is in the business of making products that help musicians make the most of their iOS devices and musical instruments. They're the company behind the iRig and its many spawn, which make it simple for musicians to plug in guitars or mics for processing by the company's software...

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5 iPhone speaker amplifiers that you already own

The speakers on the iPhone are fine for text tones and chirps from Angry Birds, but they don't really fit the bill for high-quality music. If you don't have your headphones handy but still want to rock out to some booming tunes, give these household objects a try. They work like a megaphone for...

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Daily App: Snippit mixes music with photos in a very social way

If you're the social type that loves mixing music with your photography, then you may want to take Snippit for a spin. The app allows you to take a photo, overlay 10 seconds of music and then share the result with the world. Snippit is first and foremost a social network for you to share your...

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Apple reportedly considering on-demand music service and iTunes for Android

Apple may be considering a number of intriguing changes to its music strategy, according to a Billboard report published on Friday. The music publication relays that Apple has "opened exploratory" talks with record labels regarding the potential for an Apple-backed on-demand music streaming...

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Sonos announces new controller apps for Mac and iOS

Sonos, the company that develops the popular self-named wireless music system, says it is giving the apps that control it from Macs and iOS devices a complete overhaul. According to the company, the apps have been: "rebuilt from the ground up, this new UI not only looks great but gives our...

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Why Pono's massive Kickstarter success means absolutely nothing to Apple

Neil Young's pet project to revolutionize how everyone listens to music -- called Pono -- launched its Kickstarter campaign a couple of days ago and quickly passed its goal by a wide margin. With nearly $2.5 million pledged as of this writing, it's clear that there's a market for a lossless...

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Ukulele Toolkit is a handy app for uke players

Ukulele Toolkit from EUM lab (US$2.99, universal) is an essential iPhone app for those who play. This handy, great-looking app offers a metronome, a tuner, chord charts and more. I've been using it for months and just love it. This app truly is a "toolkit." The tuner function is very accurate and...

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Apple reportedly pushing record labels for more Beyonce-like iTunes exclusives

Released this past December, Beyonce's self-titled album was initially only available as a full album download via iTunes. While the notion of an iTunes exclusive isn't anything new, an entire album from an artist as iconic and relevant as Beyonce as an iTunes exclusive was...

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The iTunes festival is coming to America, running alongside SXSW in March

As we originally reported earlier today, 2014 will mark the first time Apple's iTunes Festival will be held in America, after seven years of being hosted in the UK. The festival will run alongside the annual South by Southwest festival in Austin, TX from March 11 through March 15. Artists slated...

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Musx is a handy music sharing app for iPhone

Musx (free) is an interesting music sharing/discovery app for iPhone with a heavy emphasis on social. In a way, it feels like Instagram for music. You find a track you like, add a blurb and share it with other users (or Facebook and Twitter). Others can then comment on it, "like" it or re-share to...

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Even Fall Out Boy is ripping off Flappy Bird

Once you've collaborated with everyone from Lil Wayne to Elton John where does a multiplatinum, swoopy-haired emo band like Fall Out Boy go next? The answer is apparently ripping off viral mobile hits. Today, the saddest men in rock music announced via Twitter the upcoming release of "Fall Out Bird"...

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Daily App: LuckyPennie lets you discover and chat about your favorite music

LuckyPennie is a social music app where you can share your favorite music and discover new songs, artists and even concert events in your area. It's all about connecting with others who share your passion for music. LuckyPennie is social like Facebook and visual like Pinterest, but it has a...

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A closer look at AirTurn, a Bluetooth music page turner for iOS and Mac

The AirTurn BT-105 (US$69.00) is a Bluetooth foot switch/pedal controller for musicians who use virtual guitar effects and those who sight-read music and/or lyrics on their Mac or iOS device. Traditionally, a musician has had to get a hand away from their instrument to turn the pages of their...

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