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Amazon optimizes MP3 store for iPad, iPhone

Amazon has just announced the launch of an iOS-optimized MP3 web store via mobile Safari. The HTML-5 mobile store allows an easy access point for Amazon to sell its songs to iOS users while skirting Apple's 30 percent cut of sales of items sold through iOS apps. The move is a clear sign that ...

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Would-be iTunes competitor pending App Store approval

7digital, a UK-based online music store that offered the first DRM-free tracks from the four major music labels, has submitted an iPhone music store app to Apple, which is currently pending approval by Apple. The app, already available on Android and BlackBerry phones (it's the number one music a...

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7digital launches MP3 store with all 4 major labels

7digital launched an all-MP3 digital music store featuring songs from all four major labels: Sony BMG, Universal, Warner, and EMI. The tracks are DRM-free and encoded at 320kbps. Currently, the store is available to users in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Italy and Portugal. 7digi...

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Rumors: Amazon to offer DRM-free Music Store?

One of latest big buzz items concerns whether Amazon is courting the digital download market. Apparently, it has started talks with the major music labels. The Register talked to an Amazon spokesman who confirmed that the company was looking specifically into digital downloads. Less clear is the rum...

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Rumor: iTunes Store could get flexible album pricing

Certainly one of the drawbacks to buying music on the iTS is the single vs. album purchase: sure you can buy a song or two from an album, or maybe the hot pre-release single, but what happens if you want the rest of the album later, or when it's completely released? This has been a catch with tradit...

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TUAW "It's Showtime!" predictions

It's that time ladies and gentlemen: the pre-event post where the TUAW team put it all on the line and offer up their predictions on what we'll be throwing down our credit cards for after tomorrow's It's Showtime special event. In all actuality, there isn't much on the line for us, but it's still fu...

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A list of potential movies and a name change for the iTMS

DVguru, a sister blog, is just as excited for an iTunes Music Movie Store as we are, and they've been doing their own digging into what Apple's September 12th "It's Showtime" special event could bring. The gurus of all things DV found a post at containing a supposed list of movies that w...

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That awesome OK Go video is in the iTMS

OK Go is a pretty rocking little band signed to a major label, but they release their videos using the grassroots goodness of the internets like YouTube and Google Video. Their latest craze is the video for a song called Here It Goes Again, and it's the work of pure genius. While the video is of cou...

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myTunes brings a GUI to stripping iTMS DRM

These crazy hackers are moving fast these days, but Engadget has stayed in stride by providing a walk-through of myTunes, a GUI front-end to QTFairUse (sadly, Windows only - for now), that python code they mentioned earlier this week (not to be confused with any other products by the name of 'myTune...

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iTMS offers cultural explorations through music with new Back to School section

Just in time for a new fall semester, the iTMS has introduced a Back to School (iTMS link) section, offering playlists based on the many cultures, cliques and stereotypes that (love it or hate it) exist and collide on so many college campuses across our great planet. Groups like Hipsters, Hippies, ...

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Use iMovie to remove iTMS DRM

This tip has apparently been around for quite a while, but the indispensable macosxhints just discovered it today, and I thought I'd share the love. It turns out that, using iMovie and at least one picture/video file, you can chose a couple of specific export options to crank out a DRM-free AIFF fil...

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iTunes to allow video burning soon?

I used the question mark because nothing is set in stone here, but TUAW reader Ann-CA tipped us off to a report at the DVD Newsroom that Hollywood might actually be close to lifting some of their over-the-top restrictions on DVD burning. This slightly loosened grip on their content could allow for ...

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Columbia Records & Apple offer exclusive pre-order of Bob Dylan's new album, ticket promo

I guess the times certainly are a changin', as the man Bob Dylan himself has hopped on board with Apple and the iTunes Music Store to offer an exclusive pre-order ($13.99) of his upcoming new album, Modern Times, which lands on August 29th. Ticketmaster has even tossed their hat in, just like with t...

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Google will not compete with iTunes

For a while now, it's been an unspoken assumption that, with the introduction of a video service (that really hasn't gone anywhere), Google might try to step on Apple's toes and take on the iTMS. However, at the NARM (National Association of Recording Merchandisers) conference this year Chris Sacca,...

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Charles Wiltgen responds to Cory Doctorow's 'DRM is bad for business'

Cory Doctorow, well known for his work at BoingBoing and other projects, wrote an article titled Apple's Copy Protection Isn't Just Bad For Consumers, It's Bad For Business. If you've been following anything this guy's written, this isn't the first time he's spoken out about DRM in general, as well...

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