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Tag: musicians

Motion made music: AUUG Motion Synth nearing Kickstarter goal

Imagine being able to play notes and alter sounds through the motion of your hand and arm, using an iPhone or iPod touch. That's the idea behind the AUUG Motion Synth, a unique musical instrument and controller that is getting close to its Kickstarter goal with another eight days to go in the camp...

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Lemur's multitouch music controller now available on iOS

Before the iPhone and the iPad made multitouch screens commonplace, there was the Lemur, a multitouch controller for synths, sequencers, and other electronic music instruments. The device has been used by musicians for quite a while, and it combines a touchscreen controller unit running a versi...

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Griffin Stompbox -- a pedalboard for your virtual effects pedals

You wouldn't necessarily associate Griffin Technology with the latest and greatest in music technology, but having teamed up with Frontier Design Group -- developers of the iShred LIVE virtual guitar effects app -- Griffin has released one of the first accessory pedalboards to complete your vir...

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Griffin adapter attaches iPad to mic stand, calls it Mic Stand Mount for iPad

A few weeks ago we mentioned IK Multimedia's iKlip -- an adapter that attaches your iPad to almost any mic stand. Around that same time, Griffin announced its own version of a similar apparatus at CES 2011: the aptly if not bluntly named Griffin Mic Stand Mount for iPad. Griffin describes Mic St...

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iPodMeister gives you an iPad for your old CDs

Want to get a new iPad but a little short on cash? Trade in a bunch of your old CDs or DVDs to a company called iPodMeister and your problems are solved. Sound too good to be true? It's not, reports the New York Times. iPodMeister was founded by a group of musicians and students who realized that t...

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Bebot turns your iPhone into the cutest instrument ever

I don't think I've ever fallen in love with an app as quickly as Bebot. Not only is it a pretty darn powerful synthesizer with an interesting touchscreen interface, but that robot. That robot! He makes you want to play something, anything, with those cute little closed robot eyes and that dashing tu...

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Musicians and Macs: Perfect together

The Digital Music Weblog pointed us to a post on Puddlegum, a music news site, naming five reasons musicians love Macs. Those reasons include aesthetics, sex appeal, ease of use, overall cost and peace of mind. Of course those are also the reasons why even the musically inept and tone deaf people us...

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