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You can now mute people on Twitter for iOS

If you have some particularly verbose Twitter friends -- you know, the kind that tweet endlessly about the Emmys or go on and on when Monday Night Football hits the TV -- you now have the option to quiet them down right from within the official Twitter app. Twitter revealed today that it will be a...

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iPhone 101: Switching sound off (or down)

Today's iPhone 101 is all about audio volume. You may think that the volume toggle and the mute switch on the side of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch are the beginning and end of noise control, but it turns out there's more to the iOS sound story. You can get some volume management by pluggin...

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Mac 101: 3 volume control tips

Adjusting the volume on your Mac via the keyboard is pretty easy: there are 3 buttons, one for Volume Down, one for Volume Up, and one for Mute. When you adjust the volume, a sound is played to help you determine when it is loud enough or quiet enough. Most times I find this helpful, but sometime...

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SoundAsleep 1.0

I know many TUAW readers keep their Macs on, and awake, over night for a variety of reasons. If your Mac is in your bedroom, then you have probably been rudely awoken by an errant alert from your Mac. Your sleepless nights are now over, because SoundAsleep is here to guard your slumber. SoundAsleep...

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