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MacworldEncore: Macworld Sessions Online and DVD

For all of us who couldn't make it to Macworld in January comes MacworldEncore. The folks behind the Macworld conference have collected more than 80 presentations on a whole variety of topics that were presented in San Francisco. For the most part these are 640x480 QuickTime movies that have the aud...

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Hints of the Next Version of Keynote?

Many people noticed some unusual Keynote presentation effects in Job's recent keynote at MacWorld (e.g. the small text exploding above). Now Brian Peat over at has gone through the keynote with a fine-toothed comb, identifying a bunch of new stuff, like path animations and lots of e...

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Macworld 2007 Show Floor Showoff: Etymotics

During my interview with Jeremy Horwitz, Editor of iLounge, I asked him what headphones he would recommend to replace the Apple supplied earbuds that come with an iPod. Without missing a beat he said the Er6is from Etymoic Research. I had to find out what made these headphones so good, so I headed ...

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Macworld 2007 Show Floor Showoff: LaCie

Tiffany from LaCie was nice enough to show off a variety of LaCie's goods for us. LaCie, as we all know, makes hard drives but they also are now entering the accessories market. They have a cool new product called the LaCie FireWire Speakers, which are bus-powered speakers which also send the audio...

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Picture of Steve's notes for the Macworld 07 keynote

It goes without question that Steve Jobs can teach a few things to anyone who needs help with their presentation skills. Watching his on-stage performance can offer a wealth of ideas and tips for the keynote-impaired, but now, so can viewing his notes. AtariST, aka a co-founder of, has...

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TidBITS Macworld Superlatives

TidBITS is perhaps the grand-daddy of electronic Mac publications (their motto should be: we were the Mac-web before the Mac-web was even invented). Anyway, they have published a lot of great articles over the years and their wrap up of MWSF '07 is no different. There are links to a variety of inter...

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Macworld 2007 Show Floor Showoff: mStation Audio

One of the joys of attending Macworld is that you get to meet smaller vendors. Companies that you may never have heard of are showing off their wares, and in some cases they are pretty cool. mStation is one of those cases. Marc from mStation gives us an overview of the company and two of their prod...

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Macworld 2007 Show Floor Showoff: VMware

Virtualization is the new black in the Mac market these days. I got a chance to talk with Pat who is the product manager of VMware for the Mac (aka Fusion). VMware is the granddaddy of virtualization, and a 'big deal' in that space. Pat gives us an overview of what VMware is trying to do with Fusio...

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TUAW Video: A Mac Moment with Adam Goldstein

We're on a roll: In this edition of TUAW's Mac Moment series, I sit down with Adam Goldstein, the young author of AppleScript the Missing Manual. "But Dan," you ask, puzzled, "what's so special about this particular author?" Just watch the video to find out: he started his book, working for David P...

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TUAW Video: A Mac Moment with Chris Breen (Part 2)

Part 1 was good. Part 2 is even gooder. Check out my continued Mac Moment interview with Macworld luminary Chris Breen, as we discuss the AppleTV, the lack of Mac announcements at Macworld (gasp!), more talk about the iPhone, and Chris's iPod book. (Click here for the original mp4 file.)...

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Macworld 2007 Show Floor Showoff: Griffin Technology

We continue to relive the wonder and joy that was Macworld Expo 2007 with yet another showfloor interview. I got a chance to speak with Jackie from Griffin Technology about the Evolve and the Amplifi. Both iPod speaker systems sound impressive, though the Evolve is a little more exciting. Check the...

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TUAW Video: A Mac Moment with Chris Breen (Part 1)

In this edition of TUAW's Mac Moment, I speak with Macworld/Playlistmag editor Chris Breen, unquestionably one of the most notable faces at Macworld. In Part 1 we discuss -- what else? -- the iPhone: his impressions, its various realities (and uncertainties), and the Cingular tie-in. (Those looking...

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Macworld 2007 Show Floor Showoff: Freeverse

More video from the Macworld show floor, I bet you're excited! I spoke with Colin Lynch Smith of Freeverse, distributors/makers of more Mac software than you can shake a stick at. We spoke about Sound Studio 3, Lineform, and the forthcoming Heroes of Might and Magic 5 as well as Big Bang Brain Game...

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Macworld 2007 Show Floor Showoff: Newer Technology

Grant Dahlke from Newer Technology took a few moments out of his busy day on the Show floor to talk to us about some of his cool products. I especially liked the USB 2.0 Universal Drive Adapter,which I am going to have to order soon. Grant also showed off some replacement iPod batteries that'll kee...

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Macworld 2007 Show Floor Showoff: Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac

Microsoft's Sheridan Jones was nice enough to sit down with me in the Microsoft Blogger Lounge at Macworld to discuss Office 2008 for Mac. WE cover what's new, when it'll be shipping, and break the news that there will be a Universal version of Remote Desktop for the Mac (sweet!). If you want to ch...

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