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My Dream App to hold developer competition for Season 2

My Dream App, the wildly successful American Idol of the Mac software world, is coming back for a Season 2 - and they need a few good developers. But this time around, they're adding a new layer to the competition by allowing users to vote on the actual developers who will get the chance to code t...

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Cookbook progress

Some of you may recall that I served as one of the judges over at My Dream App. The one app that I was most enthused about was Cookbook. It really took the idea of recipe app to the next level, at least the concept did. Cookbook was one of the winners, and it seems that there is now a functioning v...

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TUAW Podcast #15: The Delicious Cast

Fire up your favorite audio players ladies and gentlemen, for TUAW Podcast #15 is live and ready for consumption. This time around it was Laurie Duncan, Scott McNulty and I, and I'm delighted to say we have dramatically improved our recording setup to give you a much, much better and cleaner listeni...

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TUAW Exclusive: MacHeist details

From the people who brought you My Dream App comes the next big thing in Mac software. You might have seen other sites talking about MacHeist, but unlike everyone else in our little corner of the internet, we actually know what MacHeist is all about. Here's what we know: The eventual product of...

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My Dream App Winners Announced!

The votes are in folks, and the winners are Atmosphere, Portal, and Cookbook, with Portal beating out Hijack by only 5 votes. It looked like Hijack had Portal beaten, that is before the filtering of fraudulent votes. Fraudulent votes were defined as more than 50 votes for the same application origin...

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My Dream App final round voting

Eight o'clock (EDT) tomorrow night marks the end of voting for the final round of Phill Ryu's My Dream App competition. What started just over a month ago with 24 eager contestants and their software-concepts has been whittled down by four rounds of voting to the six best ideas as decided by thousa...

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My Dream App Semifinals voting ends tonight

Voting for the Semifinals round of the My Dream App contest ends tonight at Midnight (EDT), and with it, seemingly any chance of Desktop Wars (my original choice) making it to the final round. Digg founder Kevin Rose, Peter Cohen and Jason Snell from Macworld, David Pogue of the New York Times, and ...

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Why can I extend my desktop but not my menu bar?

Strictly coincidence, but TUAW reader MacaholiQ8 wrote in yesterday asking if we knew of any application that would enable him to expand/extend his menubar. Seems his 12" Powerbook just doesn't offer enough screen real estate to accommodate all his precious menulings (or menu extras, if you're a st...

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My Dream App Round 3 voting ends tonight

With only twelve concepts still in the running to be turned into someone's dream Mac OS X application, the My Dream App competition ends its third round of public voting tonight at midnight. As a reward for your input, everyone who votes will recieve a free copy of Musicast which allows anyone to st...

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My Dream App voting round 2

The second round of voting is under way over at My Dream App. Vote and let your voice be heard! Plus, when you vote you get a free copy of Mori, Hog Bay Software's document organizer. This round's judges are the cream of the crop of Mac bloggers including John Siracusa of Ars Technica, John Gruber ...

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My Dream App opens voting, offers free Pzizz licenses

My Dream App, the revolutionary new 'American Idol' of software from Phill Ryu which we've been covering, has officially opened the first elimination round voting to the public. A total of 24 apps are on the chopping block, and it's up to y'all to decide which are voted off the island, and which ge...

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First 3 My Dream App finalists announced

Out of the 2,761 submitted ideas the final 24 contestants have been picked in My Dream App. Of course we won't find out all the finalists at once, no Phill Ryu is too much of a showman for that. Instead he tempts us with the first three: Herald - an RSS reader (lord knows we need another one of...

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The TUAW Interview: 3 Developers behind My Dream App

A few days ago I sat down (virtually) with the 3 developers who will be coding the winning ideas from My Dream App (they are also judges). Austin Sarner (AppZapper), Jason Harris (Shapeshifter, ThemePark, and Chicken of the VNC to name a few), and Martin Ott (SubEthaEdit) have a big task ahead of t...

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My Dream App launches

Phill Ryu's My Dream App has officially launched today. What is My Dream App? Think American Idol for Mac software, think America's Got Talent with software developers and no Hasselhoff. The idea is that non-programmers have ideas for apps they would love to see, but they lack the skills to make th...

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