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C64 to stay free, KaleidoVid also free

A little while back, the C64 app in the App Store (a C64 emulator with officially licensed code from some old Commodore 64 games) announced that it was going free for a day with the Free App a Day promotion. That was a few weeks ago, and you might have noticed that the app is still free in the store...

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Mac gaming on the cheap: Our favorite low-cost Mac games

With the release of Myst Online for the Mac* (and our own nagging, monthly World of Warcraft bills), we TUAW bloggers got together to discuss our favorite low-cost Mac games. Sure, those MMORPGs are fun, but $14.99/month (Warcraft) and $6.95/month (Myst) isn't. So, in the name of gaming cheapskates ...

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A Requiem for Soulblighter

Oh, the times we had together, my Soulblighter CD and me back in the halcyon days of 1998 and 1999, he with his shiny silvery surface and colorful Bungie label. Soulblighter's parents hadn't yet been purchased by the evil monopolistic overlords, and the future looked bright and shiny. After one exha...

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