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Hex Vision Classic Leather Watch Band for 6G iPod nano: Good-looking, reasonably priced

When the first watch bands started appearing for iPod nanos, I really thought the idea was ludicrous. After all, what kind of person would spend a minimum of US$129 on a touchscreen watch when they have a really good clock in their pocket -- an iPhone -- already? I felt that way until a friend of ...

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Gyroscope manufacturers benefit as iPhone, iPad sales soar

Apple isn't the only company reaping the benefits of increased sales of the iPhone and iPad. IHS iSuppli is reporting that sales of MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) gyroscopes have skyrocketed as well thanks to use of the devices in Apple's mobile line. (Photo above is of an iPhone 4 MEMS gyr...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help me read data from my nano

Dear Aunt TUAW, Greetings from overseas from the long-lost branch of Dutch family members and thanks for al. your helpful posts. My question is the following. I have an iPod nano (sixth generation) which I use quite often as a flash drive. The problem is that I can not use it on a Windows PC si...

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Hex watch bands for iPod nano on pre-order now

Now that's a good looking nano watch. We've covered a few iPod nano watch bands before, but to me, they've always seemed kind of cheap and hinky, more hacks than things that you'd actually wear out and about. But I really like this new band from Hex Vision -- it's a stainless steel band with a ...

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iPhone nano fake available in China

Apple may never introduce an iPhone nano, but that's not keeping the knockoff manufacturers in China from creating them. The phone was discovered by a writer for, who was checking out a Lenovo tablet when he spied the mini-iPhone 4 clone. While unable to get exact dimensions of the...

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iPod nano rumored to get a camera

The latest rumor out of Asia suggests the iPod nano may keep its boxy shape and get its camera back. Those who keep track of the history of Apple's popular MP3 player will remember the player got an integrated camera in 2009. These modifications were quickly removed in 2010 when the player droppe...

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iPod nano updated, control music using Sleep/Wake button

The iPod nano software has been updated to allow users to control their music with the Sleep/Wake button. Specifically, there are two options: you can set the Sleep/Wake button to either skip to the next track or pause/play the current track with a double-click. Once the update is installed, you'l...

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Kickstarter-sponsored WALdok is a speaker dock that plugs into your wall

It takes quite a bit for me to be impressed with yet another speaker dock. I run my music through some pretty good PC speakers, so I don't really have a need for a separate speaker to play music directly from my iPhone. But something about the WALdok appeals to me. It's a tiny dock that plugs into ...

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Seen at CES: iDevices through the years

We saw these displays over in the actual iLounge booth (they also have a deal to sponsor some of the iPhone-related displays here at CES), and thought you readers would enjoy a look. Basically iLounge went back and obtained a version of every single iDevice out there (with the exception of the tw...

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Apple patent describes touch gestures on iPod nano

Could "no-look" touch gestures be coming soon to the iPod nano? Recently discovered by ipodnn, a 2009 patent application by Apple shows that it is looking into letting users control their devices using no-look gestures that only require a touch-sensitive surface, like a trackpad, and not necessarily...

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Nano watchband includes bottle opener

Picture, if you will, the following. It's a hot summer day. You're hanging out doing some yard work with your iPod nano strapped to your wrist when you reach for a cold bottled beverage. That's when the moment of horror strikes: you have no bottle opener. You have nothing which with to pop open tha...

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iPod nano built into Dreamcast VMU

I saw the new iPad nano for the first time this weekend, and though I knew it was small, of course, I was surprised by just how small it was. Despite the tiny little touchscreen, it really is about the size of the old shuffle. In fact, it's small enough to fit inside one of the old Visual Memory ...

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How to: Turn your old watch into a nanowatch

Sure, you could just buy a "carrying solution" for the new square iPod nano, but where's the fun in that? Wired shows you how to turn your old wristwatch into a nanowatch -- just take the old strap off, and use the nano's clip to attach it all together. Of course, it depends on your old watch strap...

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Apple spawns new accessory line: nano watch straps

The success of the iPods, iPhone and iPad have been a boon for Apple and accessory makers. Shortly after each product's introduction, a small but highly competitive cottage industry of cases, sleeves, stands and so on emerges. Now, the new iPod nano's unique design has many manufacturers thinking th...

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Apple replaces 5K nano batteries in Japan

Back in 2008, reports of fires that were caused by overheating batteries in first generation iPod nanos caught the attention of Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (MEI). In turn, MEI ordered Apple to replace defective units. Apple conceded and launched a replacement program in August of...

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