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Get T-Mobile's 200MB free iPad data plan, even with a different carrier's device

One device, all networks. That's been a fond dream through the iPhone and iPad lifecycle, and while the iPhone 4S remains a unified device (sans 4G LTE support), the iPhone 5c and 5s remain split into CDMA-enabled and pure GSM model numbers. Enter the new slimness. The cellular-capable version of t...

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iPhone 5 not yet announced, SIM adapters already available

The iPhone isn't expected to hit retail shelves until late this month (the announcement event will occur on September 12th) but its new nano-SIM cards may already be shipping, according to the International Business Times. TUAW wrote about similar shipments in a post earlier today. Nano-SIMs off...

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Next iPhone may feature new 19-pin dock connector

A new dock connector design for Apple products has been bandied about for quite some time, but it's now beginning to look like the rumors are true. John Biggs at TUAW's sister site TechCrunch reports that the blog has verified that Apple will add a 19-pin connector to the next iPhone, replacing t...

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