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Barron's: Apple should be in the Dow

Apple has been traded on the NASDAQ exchange since it first went public back in 1980. For most of that time, AAPL has been part of the NASDAQ 100 index, so a gain or loss by the company has an impact on the technology-oriented exchange. A post on Barron's today posits that Apple, which is now t...

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AAPL declines again, S&P and Nasdaq see an impact

When it comes to stocks, Apple is an influencer and any changes in its stock price will affect US stock indexes. That's what happened on Monday when the Dow Jones Industrial Average surged and the NASDAQ and S&P fell because of Apple, says a report in Forbes. The NASDAQ and S&P both inclu...

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AAPL shares survive rebalancing on Nasdaq today

Last month the stock index Nasdaq announced that it would be rebalancing the weighting of AAPL shares to better reflect the actual number of shares floating on the market. At the time, AAPL accounted for 20.5 percent of the Nasdaq. After the rebalancing today, AAPL now accounts only for 12.5 pe...

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Nasdaq to diminish Apple's portion of the Nasdaq-100

The Wall Street Journal reports that Nasdaq will drop Apple's profile in its Nasdaq-100 stock index, lowering Apple's share from 20.5 percent to around 12.3 percent, more in line with the number of actual Apple shares out there. Apple is one of 81 companies who are seeing their shares lowered b...

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Let's talk AAPL and the future

It's been a roller coaster ride over the past two years for Apple (AAPL) stock. In December 2007 it hit a then-peak of $199.83 a share. Just two months later AAPL sunk to $125. Three months after that it had recovered to the $180s, but by November 2008, AAPL had plummeted to $82 a share. Since t...

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AOL Daily Finance app raises the bar for iPhone investment tools

The Finance section of the App Store does feature some heavy-hitters (Bloomberg, ATM Hunter) and some fairly weak beer too. A lot of these apps are unitaskers, particularly when it comes to stock quotes and charting. For a full-featured and free investment information portal, and a strong competitor...

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Apple won't be delisted from the NASDAQ

There was a chance that Apple would be delisted from the NASDAQ, which is never good for a company's stock. The issue stemmed from the investigation of options irregularities which forced Apple to restate earnings. This, in turn, delayed the filing of some paperwork, a 10Q form to be exact, therefor...

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Nasdaq warns Apple of non-compliance

Following reports of possible stock option improprieties by Apple executives and continuing internal and external investigations of these concerns, Apple has announced that it will delay the filing of its Q3 quarterly earnings reports until it is satisfied that the issues have been properly accounte...

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