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My 5 favorite apps for holiday travel

Yes, it's that time of year again. Travel by car, plane and train. New places to visit, with lots of places to locate, for shopping, dining, sightseeing and (I hope not) emergency facilities. In this post, I'll describe my favorite travel apps. My first choice for turn-by-turn navigation is Navigon...

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Testing the Garmin Heads Up Display (HUD) for navigation

Garmin is just beginning to ship the company's first HUD (heads-up display) unit for in-car use with Garmin and Navigon apps. The U.S. $129.99 device (sale pricing for the summer) sits on your dash, and can project navigation information on your windshield using a supplied transparent film or a bu...

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Garmin announces a portable heads-up display for StreetPilot and Navigon apps

Garmin is bringing something new to smartphone navigation in cars. Today, the company announced the late summer availability of a portable heads-up display (HUD) for iPhones running the Garmin StreetPilot app or a Navigon app. The unit will retail for US$129.99. "HUD redefines the navigation expe...

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Navigon and Garmin GPS navigation apps get updates and new features

Garmin and Navigon have a barrel full of free updates today, bringing the two GPS navigation solutions into closer parity. This seemed inevitable, since Garmin acquired Navigon in 2011. Both iOS apps now support voice directions through your car speakers if your iPhone has a Bluetooth connect...

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TUAW's Best of 2012 Personal Picks: Mel Martin

Well, it's time for the year-end best-of post, and this one is a pleasure to write. There is a real explosion of useful apps that can make our lives easier or more fun. Happily, since the apocalypse didn't destroy us all on December 21, we're all here to enjoy them. To get on my list, the app h...

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Garmin and Navigon integrating Glympse and Foursquare into nav apps

This is cool. I'm a big fan of the Navigon family of apps, and also the Glympse location-tracking app. Now they are together, and it seems a natural fit. The integration of location-sharing service Glympse allows you to easily share your location with friends and family, so they always know whe...

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Problems with Apple's Maps have helped third-party developers

I was wondering if the range of issues with iOS 6's Maps app caused a spike the sale of paid 3rd party navigation apps. The answer appears to be yes. I talked with Johan-Till Broer, who represents Garmin and its subsidiary Navigon, to see if the brouhaha over Maps -- which, with its new turn-by...

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Navigon updates iOS apps with links to Apple Maps

Navigon has quickly updated its apps to mesh with iOS 6 and the new iPhone. The apps have added public transportation features, Apple Maps integration and support for the new 4-inch screen on the iPhone 5. The apps already support Google Street View and searching with the Google POI database. "...

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Garmin/Navigon announce new pedestrian and public transportation features

Garmin today announced updates for StreetPilot Onboard and NAVIGON smartphone navigation apps to provide better orientation in cities. With Urban Guidance, users are able to integrate public transportation into their route, complete with detailed itineraries of transit stops. The new Last Mil...

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Navigon adds Google Street View and other features, lowers prices

Navigon is releasing a solid update to its iOS navigation app on Tuesday morning that should please holiday and nonholiday travelers. The app adds Google Street View, providing users with a street-level image of their destination before starting a route. Before starting the journey, users can l...

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Competitors react to announcement of Apple nav app in iOS 6

I wasn't sure if any competitors to Apple in the nav space were going to react to Apple offering free turn-by-turn directions in iOS 6, but I did get some interesting comments from the folks at Garmin/Navigon. Johan-Till Broer at Garmin International shared this statement from Garmin today: "...

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A Navigon update will soon offer street level views

Google Street View is coming to Navigon iOS apps. The app will pop up a street-level view as you arrive at your destination so you can, for example, identify a particular building that is your destination. That should be of significant help when you are heading to an unfamiliar area. Navigon was re...

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Why can't navigation apps be fun?

With all the holidays, many of us TUAWians spent more time on the road over the past few weeks than we normally do. And when it comes to tech-savvy bloggers, more time on the road means more time with navigation apps. And more time with navigation apps made us ever more aware of our lingering fru...

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Navigon finds itself atop TUAW Best of 2011 voting results

The results of our reader poll for the best iPhone navigation app of 2011 are in. Navigon's iPhone navigation products lead the pack with 46.7 percent of the votes, besting second-place TomTom with only 21.7 percent. Navigon's products include regional, national and continent-wide GPS navigat...

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TUAW Best of 2011: Vote for the best iPhone navigation app

The nominations are in, and the poll is ready to go! The TUAW Best of 2011 awards are all about you -- the readers -- and what you think is the cream of the crop of Apple or third-party products and software. To vote, select one entry from the top nominations made by readers. We'll be announcing t...

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