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Can we all please agree to never wear our iPhones as necklaces?

You've undoubtedly seen some people do some strange things to their iPhones. From turning the home button into a blingy bow tie to sticking a tiny Starbucks latte in the audio port, there seems to be no shortage of ways to make your iPhone unique. However, I implore you not to follow whatever stra...

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iNecklace lets you wear your Apple love around your neck

Adafruit is at it again. After releasing its Apple power button-inspired cufflinks, the company is now going after the ladies with its iNecklace. Similar to the iCufflinks, the iNecklace has an attractive aluminum Apple power button that flashes. A simple but fitting chain lets you wear the iNe...

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Orbino: hand stitched leather iPod cases

I have never heard of Orbino until today, and I'm becoming perplexed as to why. They make what look like stellar hand stitched leather cases for all three of the current model iPods, offering a choice of styles, colors and unique clip and lanyard designs. Quickly browsing through their site, it look...

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