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iPad traffic spikes on the weekends

This wild little graph was derived from recent data that was provided by Net Applications (the same data that provided those iPhone stats earlier today). The iPad's Internet traffic has been growing by leaps and bounds on the weekends. As you can see above, over weekend periods since launch, iPad t...

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iPhone grew more than Android in May

At least that's the word from Net Applications, the company that measures visits to clients websites. The latest report says the iPhone not only keeps a large lead over Android, but it actually enlarged its global share last month, going from 30.4. At the same time, Android increased from 5.3. If...

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Net Applications: Macs hit a record OS share in December, iPhone up 33%

Fortune has the latest market share figures for December (according to a survey by Net Applications), and it's good news all around for Apple-- Mac systems jumped from a 6.8 share to 7.3, a 7.35% increase. Which is actually nothing compared to the iPhone, which jumped 33%, or even the Playstation,...

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