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The iPad's effect on rival companies' CEOs

Apple's iPad and iPhone are shaking up the netbook and smartphone market, producing a chain reaction of events that has led to the resignation of chief executives from three major electronics manufacturers. This past Thursday, Acer Corp. CEO Gianfranco Lanci became third in the line when he ann...

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Asustek chairman has "secret weapon" to compete with iPad 2

The chairman of Eee PC netbook maker Asustek Computer Jonney Shih is claiming to have a "secret weapon" to help his company compete with the iPad 2 when it is released in a few months. As reported by PCWorld, Shih recently talked with IDG News Service about the future of Eee PC netbooks, but he play...

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Microsoft acknowledges iPad's effect on netbook market

Just in case you haven't heard, the iPad is having a rather large impact on the computing world around us. And if you don't believe the numerous analysts, business adopters and retailers, then perhaps Microsoft's own Gavriella Schuster, general manager for Windows product management, will sway you. ...

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Netbook demand plummets while shoppers snap up iPads

An October survey by market research firm ChangeWave spells doom for manufacturers of netbooks. While just a few holiday seasons ago the cheap little PCs were on everyone's Christmas list, now they're only attractive to 14% of people who are considering the purchase of a laptop computer. At their p...

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Rumor: New 11.6 inch MacBook Air on tap for this fall

Another new device rumor has popped up, this time about a replacement for the MacBook Air. Apparently, the "old" MacBook Air isn't selling too well, so Apple is looking at refreshing the line with a smaller device equipped with an 11.6" (measured diagonally) screen. A device of this size is begin...

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Asus is selling fewer netbooks because of the iPad

At an investor's conference in Taipai this week, Asus CEO Jerry Shen announced reduced sales forcasts for the popular Eee PC line of netbooks. Why? Because people are buying iPads instead. Digitimes reports that Eee sales fell from 1.6m units in Q1, to 1.5m in Q2, and are now expected to be 1.4m ...

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Survey: Consumers are replacing other computers with iPad

So, now that both versions of the iPad are out and available, it's probably time to ask the question: does a device like this replace another computer, or is it an entirely new category? Back during the announcement, Jobs was adamant that it was definitely a netbook replacement ("Netbooks aren't bet...

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Slim majority of users would rather have a netbook or laptop over an iPad

At least that's the word from an NPD survey that says among 18-34 year olds, a key iPad demograhpic, 51% would rather have a more conventional portable than the Apple iPad. Even among current Apple product owners 44% would prefer a more functional computer like a MacBook over an iPad. "The most i...

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Not getting an iPad? Don't forget the 'netbook option'

With all of the netbook hoopla, it's worth remembering that Apple really hasn't filled the need for a full-featured, really small laptop. With Steve Jobs saying that they simply can't build a cheap netbook without sacrificing quality, Mac lovers who still want one are left, quite literally, to their...

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iPad devsugar: Three lessons from the iPhone

In pixel-terms, the iPad offers a much larger workspace to develop on than the iPhone but in terms of the human experience, it's not that very far away from iPhone programming. The two share an underlying operating system and a large overlap in human interaction realities. Here are just three of tho...

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iPad's multifunction appeal and sub-$500 price point a formula for disruptive technology

T minus a little over a month and a half until retail liftoff of the Apple iPad and, similar to the launch of the iPhone 3 years ago, the device is not without its share of criticism -- be it the lack of support for multitasking or the missing front facing camera (or any camera, for that matter). H...

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Holiday Gift Guide: Hackintoshable Dell Mini 10v

Update: This deal seems to be dead for now, possibly until Friday. (Apparently the TUAWlanche we set off hit the "LIMITED QUANTITIES AT THIS PRICE" limit.) We will update the post when and if it goes live again. Later Update: It's baaaaaaaaaack. Link & code seem to be working again. Guess we ...

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Mac OS X 10.6.2 rumored to block Atom support, foil netbook OS X booting

In a move sure to rile up the crowds of people (including our very own Erica Sadun) who have converted cheap Intel Atom-powered netbooks into tiny MacBook-like hackintoshes, several sites are reporting that Apple will kill support for the battery-sipping CPU in the next release of Snow Leopard. F...

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Retrevo Study: Apple needs to price tablet at $600 or less to attract PC users

The mythical Apple tablet is back in the news again, this time in the results of a new study that shows where the pricing "sweet spot" will need to be for Apple to attract users who would traditionally buy an inexpensive PC netbook instead. Consumer electronics shopping site surveyed...

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Hackintosh netbook compatibility updated

Boing Boing's gadget blog has updated the list of potential hackintosh netbooks. You can ponder the whole thing or cut to the chase: "...get a HP Mini 1000 or a Dell Mini 9/Vostro A90." While the Mini 9 has been discontinued, the Vostro A90 is apparently a rebadged version of the highly hackable Del...

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