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TUAW Podcast #12: Quicksilver and iCal

There wasn't much podcast-worthy news to chat about last week, so we thought it was the perfect time to do something different and bring you the first TUAW screencast evar! In this podcast (netcast!), I demonstrate that trick we covered last month of how to add iCal events and todos from Quicksilver...

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TUAW Podcast #11

It is time once again boys and girls for the TUAW Podcast. On this latest episode #11, Laurie A. Duncan and I got down to business discussing Apple's recent stock options investigation results, Steve's confirmed keynote for Macworld 07 as well as the event's doubled size, the upcoming new .Mac webma...

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Leo Laporte wants to rebrand podcasts as 'netcasts' - I agree

If you're a TWiT fan (or a listener of almost any of Leo's other 200 podcasts), you might have heard in the past couple of weeks that he's pushing to change the term 'podcast' to 'netcast.' He's even gone so far as to start using it in his lingo on the shows (at least on the few of his shows I can k...

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