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Netgear CEO apologizes for part of anti-Apple rant

According to Macgasm, Netgear CEO Patrick Lo has clarified his earlier statement about Steve Jobs' ego. On Monday, Lo made reference to Steve Jobs "going away" soon, which most commentators (including us) found to be a fairly unsavory remark given the Apple CEO's health issues. "I deeply regret the ...

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Netgear CEO has harsh words for Steve Jobs' "ego"

At a recent launch in Sydney, Australia, Netgear CEO Patrick Lo criticized Steve Jobs, suggesting that it's Jobs' "ego" that keeps Flash off of iOS devices."What's the reason for him to trash Flash?" Lo said. "There's no reason other than ego." Apple's staunch refusal to run Flash on its iOS devices...

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Show floor video: Netgear ReadyNAS stores and plays it all

Netgear's ReadyNAS is a NAS, yes, but it comes pre-configured with an iTunes server, bittorent, wireless disk and printer support and more. Quite the plug-and-play darling, Netgear was kind enough to create some Mac-friendly tools to manage the thing (it's got a Widget!). You can configure the thing...

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