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iPhone network settings take 2. Will it fix the proximity sensor bug?

We were surprised and gratified at how many of our readers were able to improve iPhone 4 reception (or at least there were more bars) by resetting network settings. Now it appears people are using the same technique to fix the sometimes buggy proximity sensor that is supposed to turn the screen l...

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iPhone 4 reception issues? A network reset might help

I know this sounds like a bit of Voodoo, but it's worth a try. If you've upgraded to the new iPhone 4 and have restored your old software, you may see what appears to be a signal drop-off. Let's stay away from the whole iPhone 4 "death grip" controversy; that aside, no matter what you do, you're not...

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Manage your DNS settings for faster web browsing

In the Network Settings pane of your System Preferences, you may have noticed that you can manually set the DNS servers your connection will use. There are a few reasons for doing this, namely speeding up the time it takes to look up any given website, but also to bypass some annoyances in your ISP'...

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