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ABC to add live streaming to iPad app this week, for a few and with a catch

Update: The new WATCH ABC app is live in the US store. As expected, streaming is available for NYC and Philadelphia residents only. After July 1, you'll have to verify that you subscribe to a TV provider to get live video, and "programming substitution may apply." Ahead of ABC's spring upfront t...

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AT&T iPhones in 717 area code switch to mysterious 'Dan' network

iPhone owners in central Pennsylvania are scratching their heads today, as the AT&T network ID in the corner of their screens has been overtaken by the name "Dan." As PennLive reports, several customers have jumped on Apple's support forums to find out just what is behind the strange new label...

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Gree closing down OpenFeint on December 14

I believe we've now reached the end of iOS' first generation as a platform -- it's almost every week now that we're hearing about a major startup losing a founder or a big franchise shutting down. This time it's OpenFeint, the social gaming platform started up way back by Jason Citron and Danie...

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Regional Bluegrass Cellular to offer iPhone 5 on November 2

Bluegrass Cellular is a regional carrier down in the Bluegrass state of Kentucky, and the relatively small network has some big news: It's going to be carrying the iPhone 5. The prices are pretty standard for the various wireless plans, but the biggest part of this news is that a regional carri...

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iOS 6: Accessibility gets a boost

There are a number of new accessibility options in iOS 6 today, and you don't necessarily need to be disabled to use them. For example, I accidentally dropped my iPhone 4 a few weeks ago and broke the Sleep button on top of the unit, and since then, I've been using the AssistiveTouch feature in...

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Network-related crashes in Mountain Lion pinned on proxy settings

Mountain Lion may have a bug that's affecting users who have the Auto Proxy Discovery and Automatic Proxy Configuration networking features turned on, says Daniel Jalkut of Red Sweater. According to Jalkut, apps, like his own MarsEdit, throw an error involving the CoreSchedulingSet or EmptyCore...

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TUAW and MacTech interview: Centrify

Centrify makes central management software tools for heterogeneous enterprise systems. In this video, Neil Ticktin (Editor-in-Chief, MacTech Magazine) interviews David McNeely of Centrify Corporation at WWDC 2012. David was kind enough to tell us about their thoughts on the announcements on WWD...

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CIO Journal walks back claim of Retina MacBook Pro's demand on bandwidth

In March, the Wall Street Journal's CIO Journal claimed that the iPad 3 would burden corporate networks because of its high-definition display. This week, the same writer doubled down on the claim for the new MacBook Pro, arguing that "better quality displays require more network bandwidth." He...

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T-Mobile targets iPhone, AT&T in new ad

T-Mobile is really shaking up its ad strategy lately. First, their demure young lady in the cute dress became a leather-wearing biker chick (supposedly to show off how fast the company's new network is), and now they're targeting AT&T and the iPhone directly, in the new ad you can see below...

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Malaysia's Maxis Bhd to offer iPad data plans

Malaysia's Maxis Bhd has announced that it will be offering the data plans for Apple's iPad, starting as soon as this week. The iPad will take advantage of the company's recent carrier upgrades (presumably, since we're talking about the iPad, it's a 3G network) and will "double the download and...

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New iPad already five percent of iPad web traffic

According to mobile ad network Chitika, Apple's new iPad, which has already sold millions of units despite being available for less than a week, is already blowing up in network usage. The latest numbers from the ad network say that more than five percent of the total iPad traffic is from just ...

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Siri is the iPhone 4S' most enticing feature

I could have probably told you this without doing all of the research, but Loopt asked around anyway, and found out that Siri was the iPhone 4S' most exciting new feature for consumers. Sure, that camera is really impressive, and that processor will come in handy when running new games and apps...

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AirPort Utility for iOS is a network admin's dream

Over the years, I've run the AirPort Utility on my Mac more times than I've wanted to. Usually I'm at a client's office, trying to troubleshoot a network issue. Now life has just gotten a bit easier for network admins -- the AirPort Utility for iOS (free) is now available on the App Store. The a...

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Daily Mac App: Drive Mounter

If you have multiple network drives in multiple locations, repeatedly finding and mounting them manually gets old, fast. Drive Mounter takes the tedium out of mounting drives by automating the process. OK, mounting drives can be done at login pretty easily, especially if you're only ever goin...

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Ask TUAW Video Edition: VPN services

It's the first Tuesday in May, which means it's time for another edition of Ask TUAW, the video version. Today, Brad writes to us with a security question: I love using Wi-Fi where available, but I am always leery of doing anything requiring secure access as I don't know who is on the network ...

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