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TUAW TV Live: Networking hints and tips

The network -- it's what makes our Macs, our iPads, and even our iPhones so powerful. Whether it's your Wi-Fi network connected to a speedy cable modem, fiber to your home and a Gigabit Ethernet link to your Mac Pro, a slow and spotty cellular data connection, or using Bluetooth to "talk" to acces...

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GREE tweaks US operations, invests in MunkyFun

GREE is a very large Japanese social network similar to Facebook or Twitter that has been trying to secure some mindspace in the West by acquiring game developers and their large audiences. The company is making a heavy investment in MunkyFun, makers of My Horse and Bounty Bots, for $3 million....

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The iPhone 5's confusing international LTE support

One of the iPhone 5's most exciting new features is LTE support -- cell phone junkies have been waiting for an iPhone that supports high-speed LTE networks for a while now, and the latest iPhone, coming this Friday, will do exactly that. But unfortunately for international users, the LTE suppor...

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Mountain Lion 101: Sharing and Twitter (but not Facebook yet)

Mountain Lion adds direct Twitter support in the OS, just as iOS users have had for a while. If you haven't set up your Twitter account yet, you'll want to go into System Preferences, and then choose Mail, Contacts & Calendars to set up your various accounts. Just like on the iPhone and t...

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15% of mobile apps launched while offline

Real-time analytics firm Localytics has issued a report that says 15 percent of all mobile apps are launched while the device they are running on is offline. That's a clear sign that developers would be serving their users better if they built "offline" modes into more apps, according to Ryan K...

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What really happened with Wi-Fi on the iPhone 4

WWDC is wrapping up here in San Francisco today, and after a week of having most of the best Apple developers in the world all in one place, we're hearing some speculation and solutions for what happened to Steve Jobs on stage Monday. He had Wi-Fi issues while accessing the New York Times website du...

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Skype calls not allowed over iPad 3G connections

During our live iPad 3G first look this afternoon, TUAW readers were able to confirm that Skype calls still cannot be placed over the iPad 3G's cellular network connection. The Skype application will not connect those calls, telling users that, "You need WiFi to call over Skype." So what's the ...

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Chevy Volt to get an iPhone app

Want to check the charge on your electric car? There's going to be an app for that -- our friends at Engadget report that the upcoming Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid electric car will have an iPhone app that goes along with it. Features aren't firmed up yet, but ideas being passed around after a demo at...

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Verizon to AT&T- 'The Truth Hurts'

Verizon isn't fazed by the AT&T legal claims that the Verizon ads attacking poor coverage are false and misleading. Our sister site Engadget broke the story of the Verizon response to the suit and you can read the it here. Verizon isn't pulling any punches and says "AT&T did not file this...

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TV exclusives taking movies off of iTunes?

Has your favorite movie gone missing from iTunes or Netflix lately? The reason could be television, says CNET -- apparently a slew of movies on iTunes and Netflix's streaming service have recently fallen prey to television exclusive agreements. With the onset of Apple TV and apps like Boxee making i...

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Secure Your Mac: Untrusted networks and how to deal with them

To tell the unvarnished truth, I have to admit that I'm pretty lax on security for my computers. I don't do anything crazy like open email attachments from people I don't know, and I always double check the address bar of websites before I punch my password in. Even so, on a scale of 1 to 10, I'd sa...

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coconutWiFi updates to 2.0

There are all kinds of ways to keep an eye on the Wifi going on around you (not least of which is the iPhone itself). Personally, I like the MacWireless Airport Radar widget-- it's simple, out of the way (sitting on the Dashboard), and fast enough to give me an at-a-glance look at what's available...

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Chemicalburn: a transportation network-simulating screensaver

So this past weekend I realized that I still had the great Skyrocket screensaver on my Powerbook from the Fourth of July-- no, not this year's. Last year's. It was time to get a new screensaver. Fortunately, FreeMacWare was featuring Chemicalburn, a screensaver by Michael Ash (who also created GPULi...

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Rest of industry slowly catching on to Apple's music integration approach

RealNetwork's CEO Rob Glaser, always one to fire off a comment when he tricks himself into thinking the industry is listening, might be one of the first major partners of Microsoft to publicly express, erm, 'disappointment' with the Redmond company's all-in-one approach with their Zune music player ...

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What needs to happen with TV shows on the iTMS

I almost gave up complaining as my New Year's resolution, when I realized that I gave up New Year's resolutions as my New Year's resolution back in 2000. In any case, since you all know I am rather fond of beating dead horses, here's my current gripe: Last night, Arrested Development and Surface wer...

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