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The Incident creators' new game is Space Age

Way back last July, we first heard that the developers behind the great iOS game The Incident, Neven Mrgan and Matt Comi, were working on a second game. That title's now been revealed as a game called Space Age, and we're starting to see video and images from it, hopefully leading up to a relea...

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New game coming from creators of The Incident

Developers Neven Mrgan and Matt Comi are also known as Big Bucket. They're the team behind the popular and acclaimed iPhone and iPad game The Incident. They've just announced a brand new title, coming out later on this year. The as-yet-unnamed game will be announced at Portland's XOXO Festiva...

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Pie Guy: A web game for the iPhone

Back when the iPhone was first announced, there was no SDK, you'll remember. Jobs said that developers could just make web apps, and that they would be good enough. Of course, he was wrong -- given what you can do with your iPhone now compared to what you could do with your iPhone then, even Steve ...

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