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Record labels laugh at Apple's proposed royalty rate for streaming service

The New York Post has an exclusive today about Apple's attempts to get rights from record labels for a proposed music streaming service, which are apparently falling on deaf ears because its offer is "seen as way too cheap." A high-level executive at one label told the Post that "Apple wants ...

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Apple, NYPD working together to locate stolen iPhones, iPads

The New York Post is reporting that the New York Police Department has assigned a team of cops to work with Apple on facilitating the return of stolen iOS devices. The move is in response to widespread theft of popular iPhones and wireless-enabled iPads in the city. The policemen work with th...

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New York Post discusses Apple TV, subscriptions

A report from the New York Post, relayed by The Loop, suggests Apple is negotiating with content providers for a new streaming TV service that'll launch by the end of the year. SVP Eddy Cue has been the point man in the negotiations, which are not proceeding as quickly as Apple would like. Apple i...

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Thieves targeting iPads in NY Apple Store

Apple's products have been increasingly targeted by thieves since those now-ubiquitous white earbuds first announced, "I'm carrying an expensive Apple doohickey! Mug me!" iPhones and iPods are often too hard for ne' er-do-wells to resist, and now iPads have joined their ranks. The New York Post r...

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NBC and Time Warner in no hurry to say farewell to Flash

If you're not familiar with New York City's gritty, 209-year-old tabloid the Post, it has a reputation for sensationalist coverage, a top-down conservative slant (courtesy of owner Rupert Murdoch), and a credibility problem; in 2004, a Pace University survey found that city residents considered it t...

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Wal-Mart bullying Hollywood over iTS movie downloads?

Today's edition of 'yes they did/no they didn't' is brought to you by Wal-Mart, the New York Post and Reuters. As we knew, Wal-Mart is the largest DVD retailer (at least in America), with 40% of the market. Obviously, a player with that large of a stake in the game might not be too happy when a musi...

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