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iPhone for Newbies: Honey, I shrunk the manual

Caveat Emptor: This is for newbies only. If you've been around, you probably don't need this. When I bought my last Verizon phone, it came with about three quarters of a pound of paper housed in three manuals allowing me to find just about anything through the index. Yeah, it was overkill -- but...

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The iPhone is a platform for coding newbies

I love hearing this about the iPhone: the San Francisco Chronicle has a piece about how Apple's little revolutionary telephone has brought a whole new crop of programmers into the development mix. People who had never before looked at code or considered writing their own applications are getting ide...

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Giving into iPod

A recent story over at the Sun Chronicle points out one of the biggest issues facing new iPod owners: stacks of unripped CDs and the unrealistic expectations that go along with your music library. Owning a new iPod shouldn't be a burden. Here are a few quick tips to ease your adjustment to iPod. Giv...

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