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Tag: news-roundup

Apple stock split, an acquisition, missing Maps, and more news for June 9, 2014

A mixed bag of news for this Monday. Apple's stock split took place and the company acquires a social search engine company, but internal issues seem to have kept Maps from gaining new features prior to last week's iOS 8 announcement. Lucky you! Every share of Apple stock you own just became ...

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The jury deliberates in the Apple vs. Samsung case and other news from April 30, 2014

The second Apple vs. Samsung trial is now in the hands of the jury, and in addition to asking for supplies, they also have asked for additional information regarding the first jury trial but was denied. As Electronista reports: The second jury question asked how Apple chose the five patents pres...

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Microsoft Office apps for iPad gain printing abilities and other news from April 29, 2014

Microsoft's Office for iPad apps have received an update that adds the ability to print to an AirPrint printer, PowerPoint smart guides, auto fitting in Excel and more. It's a funny thing, going more into debt in order to raise cash. But that's what Apple is planning to do to prevent having t...

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Better battery life for your iPhone under iOS 7.1.1 and other news from April 24, 2014

Have you updated your iPhone to iOS 7.1.1 yet? If you're concerned about your battery life, go ahead and hit the update button. ZDNet noticed that the newest update is bringing a drastic increase in battery life, based on internal usage. Have you noticed a difference? Let us know in the comments. ...

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Tidbits you might have missed from Apple's earnings call

While the big focus of Apple's Q2 earnings call was the stock split and dividend increase, a number of other interesting tidbits were announced during the call. A few of them, culled from our liveblog of the call, include: More than 20 million Apple TVs have been sold, netting a business that's...

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Apple expands its recycling program and other news from April 21, 2014

On this Earth Day, Apple has expanded its free recycling program to include any Apple product, no matter the age. While not all products will be eligible for a gift card when traded in, Apple will take any item produced in its 30-year history in an effort to avert more electronic waste from reachi...

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Dropbox acquires Loom and other news from April 17, 2014

Dropbox is continuing to swallow up other companies, this time acquiring photo storage site Loom. Loom emerged as an alternative to EverPix after its demise in late 2013, and I gave it a try for a few months. A review for TUAW was in my queue when the acquisition was announced. Loom was a pretty ...

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8G iPhone 5c debuts in more countries and other news for April 16, 2014

That Mac Pro is still taking its sweet time getting to customers, and the 8 GB iPhone 5c reaches new countries in this morning's news roundup. Apple is now offering the 8 GB iPhone 5c in fourteen countries. Now customers in the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Poland, the Czech Republic, Irel...

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Data swiped from LaCIe and other news from April 15, 2014

News from Tuesday afternoon includes: LaCie is notifying customers that malware was used to gain access to customer transactions between March 27, 2013, and March 10, 2014. Customers who have shopped through LaCie's site during this time might have had their names, addresses, email addresses, and...

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Fincher passes on Steve Jobs film and other news from April 14, 2014

Famed director David Fincher has passed on the chance to direct the Steve Jobs biopic based on Walter Issacson's book. Fincher had wanted $10 million upfront, and Sony balked, saying the fee was "ridiculous." Who should replace Fincher? Check out TUAW's ideas for the role later today. Wolff Olins...

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Facebook to force mobile users to Messenger app and other news from April 9, 2014

News from Wednesday afternoon includes: Facebook has announced via emailed notifications in Europe that it will soon drop messaging in its main app. Users must download the separate Facebook Messenger app to keep the conversations going on iOS and Android. Apple has seeded a sixth version of OS ...

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Developers win the WWDC lottery and other news from April 7, 2014

A few developers have won the WWDC lottery. Developers who wanted to attend the conference in June were notified on Monday evening if they got in. They have a week from the notification to purchase their tickets. Thousands of developers signed up for the chance, and they shouted their joy (and fru...

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12 million downloads for Office iPad apps and other news from April 3, 2014

Microsoft announced via Twitter that its Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote apps for iPad have more than 12 million downloads collectively since their debut a week ago. Other news from Thursday afternoon includes: The iOS version of iPhoto got a minor update that allows a white border around ...

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Greater usability for iWork and more news from April 1, 2014

Apple has released a very nice update to its iWork apps for Mac, iOS and iCloud. It includes a new document editor for Pages, view-only options for iOS and Mac, improved pop-up menus in Numbers and a better search, and Keynote gaining an improved presentation design. You can see the full list of c...

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Update your Square reader now and other news from March 27, 2014

Square updated its card reader at the end of 2013, and if you haven't signed up to get one of the new readers yet, you'll need to do so by June 1. An email to Square users says that the original reader will no longer be supported after then. Considering the new reader works better and is a free up...

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