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News360 for iPad more competitive with a major update

I took a look at the free iOS app News360 more than a year ago and found it interesting and useful. The idea behind the app was to show you lots of different takes on a story, so you could see the subject covered from many different points of view. A new iPad version features a revamped interfa...

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Daily iPad App: News360 2.0

I liked News360 when a reviewed it last April. It uses several sources for stories, and it was interesting to see the different takes on any single event. Of course News360 was also an excellent news discovery tool, scanning thousands of news sources to keep me up to date. One of the issues wit...

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News360 joins the iOS news party with some interesting features

I've commented that news reading apps for iOS are surging, especially, it seems, as more big news brands put content behind paywalls. As a pretty dedicated news junkie I'm delighting in all the creative apps that are scouring the web for worthwhile morsels of news, and serving it all up in a de...

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