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NewsFire goes free

Coming hot on the heels of the 1.5 release, Dave Watanabe's popular RSS reader, NewsFire is now free. David posted this on his blog: "After much internal debate, I've made the decision that as of today, NewsFire is totally free. No feature restrictions, no ads, no cut-down 'lite' version... this is...

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Developers unleash exclusive offers for MacHeist participants

One of the appeals of MacHeist that a few participating developers cited for their participation is residual sales. Things like upgrade licenses, extra plugins and add-ons can all be big boosts to a 3rd party developer's revenue, and some of MacHeist's participating devs have certainly hit the groun...

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Xtorrent Public Beta 2

David Watanabe (of NewsFire fame) has released a second public beta of Xtorrent, his BitTorrent client that first appeared on the scene back in September. The largest change is one of the least visible: a major overhaul under the hood of the downloads pane to pave the way for upcoming integration b...

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Top Mac feed readers face off

It's no exaggeration to say that the day I started using a feed reader, my internet life changed forever. Suddenly, instead of having to click through my regular cohort of a few dozen sites, I was able to scan hundreds of sites for the news I wanted. And while the debate over which feed reader is th...

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NewsFire adds Leopard compatibility

David Watanabe wins a tip of my hat today for being one of the first 3rd party developers to add Leopard compatibility to NewsFire, his popular, streamlined RSS newsreader. From the release notes, this new version 1.4 build 68 also adds prefix/suffix string rules (I'm assuming for feed searches?). I...

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NewsFire 1.4

There are two types of Mac RSS geeks: those who use NetNewsWire and those who use NewsFire. NewsFire 1.4 might finally be the version that I, an admitted feed junkie, can actually use. It seems that NewsFire 1.4 has many performance improvements including much better handling of a large number of fe...

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Top ten supplemental blogging apps

Chances are if I am sitting at my Mac I am blogging (perhaps not for TUAW, but for some blog somewhere) and so this list of the top ten supplemental blogging apps for OS X caught my eye. The apps that make the cut are: Quicksilver (a TUAW favorite) Firefox (though Flock gets a mention) Pukka...

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Newsfire first Univeral newsreader?

NewsFire 1.3 (Beta) is an Universal application, so if you are running an Intel Mac and can't stand the thought of your newsreader wasting away in Rosetta, why NewsFire might be just what the doctor ordered. NewsFire earns my reward for the most visually impressive of all newsreaders on the Mac. Ne...

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