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NewsGator releases iPhone app/feed stats

NetNewsWire was one of the first native applications on the iPhone to read RSS feeds. Today, NewsGator released some astounding statistics about their application and users. One of the announcements was that NNW on the iPhone has over 200,000 users. Some of the other interesting stats they're talkin...

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NetNewsWire vs. Vienna

RSS (or Really Simple Syndication) is becoming an ever more popular way to read online content quickly and without having to visit individual websites. As RSS feeds becomes more popular, so do the RSS readers that allow you to access the feeds. In my opinion, the two best RSS readers on the Mac...

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Newsgator turns NetNewsWire free for everyone

Wow. I don't know who hadn't bought NetNewsWire yet, but if you haven't, consider your wait vindicated: most of Newsgator's products, including NNW, Newsgator Online, and FeedDemon (the Windows version of the popular RSS reader) have all gone free with version 3.1. Brent Simmons, NNW's creator, is r...

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Newsgator mobile for iPhone

A while back David opined about eight apps he wanted on the iPhone and number one on his list was a old TUAW favorite, rss reader NetNewsWire. Well that hasn't happened yet, but Newsgator (which owns NNW) has announced an iPhone optimized version their web based newsreader at

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TUAW Automator App: Export NetNewsWire feeds

Not many people are familiar with how flexible and shareable your NetNewsWire / NewsGator subscriptions are, so I thought it was time to elaborate a little and play with Automator again. First on our sharing list: the ability to embed an automatically updating list of your NetNewsWire / NewsGator ...

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WWDC Video: TUAW interview with Brent Simmons

Brent Simmons has earned a spot in our docks for years now with NetNewsWire, perhaps the premiere RSS reader on the Mac. But Brent loves developing Mac apps, and he's a big fan of the platform in general. Funny how that works. Mr. Simmons was kind enough to sit and chat with Scott about the WWDC ...

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NetNewsWire 3.0a8

We here at TUAW are unabashed fans of NetNewsWire, the best of class newsreader for the Mac. That much you probably knew already, however, you might not know that NewsGator has just released an Alpha of NewNewsWire 3.0 (which brings us up to 3.0a8). Check out the release notes to get the full run do...

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TUAW Podcast #18: Macworld interview with Brent Simmons and Paul Kafasis

On Friday of last week at Macworld 07, Brent Simmons (of NewsGator/ NetNewsWire/ MarsEdit fame) and Paul Kafasis (of Rogue Amoeba/Audio Hijack/Airfoil fame) were kind enough to unite their powers and sit down with me for an interview. For just over 20 minutes we discussed Macworld, the iPhone, the s...

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NetNewsWire 2.1 released

After all the beta releases, the testing and the blood sweat and tears, NetNewsWire 2.1 has gone official. In case you've been living under a rock the past few months, this long-anticipated release of the most.popular.newsreader.evar includes major new features like syncing with NewsGator, posting t...

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NetNewsWire 2.1b36 fixes server/network, news updating issues

As if Ranchero employed hundreds of little coder gnomes who work around the clock, the company has cranked out yet another beta release of NetNewsWire 2.1 to fix news updating issues. Turns out NNW's ability to grab news might experience some quirks if NewsGator syncing became flaky, so this release...

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NetNewsWire 2.1b33

Hot on the heels of NetNewsWire 2.1b32, Newsgator has released NetNewsWire 2.1b33 which crushes some syncing bugs, and some combine view bugs. It also fixes a problem where the demo would think that the trial period had expired (even when it hadn't). If you're a fan of NetNewsWire and beta software,...

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Latest NetNewsWire beta enables 2-year Newsgator subscription

The latest beta of NetNewsWire, 2.1b32, enables the two-year Newsgator Online Premium account that comes with purchasing a copy of NetNewsWire. Once you install/upgrade your copy of NetNewsWire to this latest beta, you will be prompted with a dialog about this new account, offering to create one or,...

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NetNewsWire 2.1 public beta offers Newsgator syncing, more enhancements

It's been a long time coming boys and girls, but Ranchero has unveiled a public beta version of their much-anticipated 2.1 update to the most popular RSS reader out there: NetNewsWire. As Scott's preview earlier this month mentioned, the most buzz-worthy new feature by far is headline syncing with N...

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MarsEdit 1.1fc1

I'm as giddy as a school girl. It looks like MarsEdit 1.1 will soon be upon us as a final candidate release has just been announced. I blog a lot and most my time blogging is spent within the confines of MarsEdit, and I have been watching the development of the 1.1 release very closely and I am exci...

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MarsEdit 1.1b6 public beta

We knew that development of MarsEdit was continuing, but the good news of the weekend was that 1.1b6 public beta of MarsEdit is now available: "This release updates the French localization and fixes a few bugs, including a work-around for a time zone problem with some weblog systems. (More details a...

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