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Report: Tribune wants to build its own tablet

CNN reports that newspaper and broadcast company Tribune wants to build a tablet for subscribers to access properties like the Los Angeles Times and The Baltimore Sun. The tablet will be based on Android and offered for free or at a heavily subsidized price. Tribune hasn't made a lot of great d...

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Huffington Post adds 'Classic Edition' to iPad app

I'm happy to report that The Huffington Post has updated their iPad app to version 3.0 today and has added a "Classic Edition" layout option to the app. Back in December, The Huffington Post released version 2.0 of their iPad app. While in some ways it was an improvement over version 1.0. The...

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UK newspaper The Telegraph offers subscriptions through iPad

The UK newspaper The Telegraph has released version 2.0 of its iPad app. The updated app features a 30-day archive, night reading mode and greater depth of content, including video, picture galleries, graphics and cartoon archives. However, the big feature of the updated app is the pricing plan...

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Apple Xcode magazine template could streamline iPad publishing

Magazines and newspapers on the iPad would appear to be a perfect match for the device, but attempts such as Rupert Murdoch's The Daily and Sir Richard Branson's Project have met with limited success. There are many possible reasons for this, ranging from Apple's demands for 30 percent of all reve...

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Elle, Nylon and Pop Sci gladly adopt Apple's subscription terms

Not every publisher's feathers were ruffled by the changes Apple made to its subscription policy earlier this week. While Rhapsody may have responded negatively to the changes, some publishers are accepting the new terms and adopting Apple's new subscription model. According to Advertising Age, thr...

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Apple officially launches App Store subscriptions

When Apple's Eddy Cue, Rupert Murdoch and others launched the iPad-only newspaper The Daily, Cue promised that its subscription model would be made available to other iOS publications soon. Today, Apple has officially launched App Store subscriptions. Subscriptions are purchased through the apps ...

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The French gain a 3D iPad Newstand

We've heard much talk of a virtual NewsStand for the iPad, but have yet to see one, until now. It seems, the French are the first to get a selection of magazines available on the iPad all from one app -- in virtual 3D, no less. Le Kiosque, by LeKiosque.fr, is a free iPad app that sells magazines ...

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iPad affecting newspaper sales

Today at the Monaco Media Forum, another nail was pounded into the coffin of that cornerstone of traditional media, the newspaper. News Corp's Asian/European operations lead, James Murdoch, noted that the switch to iPad and other mobile reading apps has had a direct effect on newspaper sales. Murdoc...

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Rumor: Apple's newspaper subscriptions could debut next month

Last week the Mercury News reported that Apple is working on plans to sell newspaper subscriptions to iPad owners. Today, a follow-up from the Wall Street Journal suggests that it could launch as early as next month, and will include magazines as well. While Apple declined to comment, the WSJ's s...

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Rumor: Apple will announce newspaper subscription plan

Mercury News is reporting that Apple will soon announce a plan for subscribing to newspapers with the iPad. While Apple did not comment, the Mercury News speculated on Apple's deal with Roger Fidler, head of digital publishing at the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute. Fidler believes that Appl...

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