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Tranquility lets you work on your laptop in the dark without blinding yourself or everyone around you

Macs have simply beautiful displays, but still there's no getting around how tired your eyes can get while staring at a screen. Even beyond your own personal comfort, there are other people to consider. How many nights have you kept a significant other up because the glare from your screen was mak...

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iPhone, iPad optics add night vision for covert missions

The iPhone and iPad are consumer devices, but they're powerful enough to be used in a variety of industries, including the military and law enforcement. One such military tool is a new hardware and software system from Special Operations Apps that lets you attach an iOS device to military grade...

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DIY iSight night vision camera

Now that most all Apple computers come with their own built-in iSight, the standalone iSight has taken a bit of a back seat. It always was a gorgeous piece of Apple art, though, and I really wanted to use it in a functional way. An easy way was to attach it to the Mac mini I have in the baby's room,...

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